MARSHALL FRANK has been playing violin since the age of seven when he began studying under famed Italian master, Attilio Canonico, in Miami, Florida.  Though he put the instrument away for many years in his early police career, Frank eventually promoted into desk jobs in the late 1970s, giving him opportunity to revitalize his music. That’s when he became a part-time first-chair violinist with the Broward County Symphony and the North Miami Beach Symphony, perfoming in numerous concerts over a five year period.

Since retiring, Frank has often played violin as part of his speaking engagements, or for special events such as weddings and anniversaries. Now, he and retired M.E., Dr. Jay Barnhart have teamed up as the Dick-Doc Duo since 2006, an in-demand musical experience coupled with passion and humor.

Frank often plays violin as part of speaking engagements or special events such as weddings and anniversaries. His musical partner for 14 years, Dr. Jay Barnhart, has relocated residence, but Frank remains available for special musical gigs. For more info, contact Frank at

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