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December 2015 | ASIN: B019HOJ9MO
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What’s the politically incorrect solution to global terrorism? What’s wrong with the education system? Is there really a God? Why isn’t the U.S. Attorney General an elected position like it is in most states? Are all politicians corrupt? What’s right and wrong about the death penalty? Why shouldn’t elected politicians who lie under oath be arrested? Why are criminals allowed to run for office? Can we make airline security safer? What’s the real solution to ISIS? How can we improve the justice system, i.e. judges, prisons, juries, laws, police, racism, the war drugs? What’s the downside to gay marriage we hadn’t thought about?

In The Way Things Oughta Be, author Marshall Frank addresses numerous hot-button issues in today’s America with brief essays and lists of follow up bullets offering pie-in-the-sky but logical solutions to long-range problems. Thirty-five chapters, compiled in six major sections, address a myriad problems criminal justice and the political world, plus conflicts we experience with religion, families, love, sex and marriage, parenting and moral decay.

Frank baffles critics who want to label him a conservative or liberal, or perhaps, a “moderate” because he is all over the spectrum of pigeon holes. He prefers to identify the issue before attaching a label. He tackles many more concerns about corporations, global warming, entertainment, gays, professional sports, and the challenges of old age. Do people care about the under-represented minorities in America who have little or no voice in society? He raises questions and answers on how can we identify and solve these problems by offering readers an opportunity to think outside the proverbial box, that is, if we really want to.


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“Brilliant. Frank cites amazing solutions to complicated problems.”
—Chuck Wilder, CRN Talk radio host