The Upside To Murder

” Marshall Frank has proved himself a master at suspense with a novel that weaves a twisted crime story around our most basic human instincts, emotions, and needs. Thumbs up.”

—Bahia Abrams, author, The Other Half Of My Soul

“Marshall Frank knows murder for its complexity and surprises. Only a veteran homicide detective can communicate this fast paced tale to the reader.”

           — Dr. Roger E. Mittleman, Chief Medical Examiner, Florida District 19

“Frank has penned a gripping story filled with real people dealing with real dilemmas of life: separation, pain, loss and grief. The reactions of his characters to these dilemmas drive a story that unfolds quickly with many a twist and turn. This book is hard to put down.”

           — John J. Spiegel, Miami Attorney, Former Homicide Detective


Messages: Short Stories For The Thoughtful

” These Novelettes linger in the mind, each an exploration into human nature and human relationships: Loss, tragedy, struggle, youth, old age, the gift of love, the denial of love. Make you think, they do. And more important, they make you feel. Don’t miss it.”

—Neal Stannard, Author, Radio News Anchor

“Frank’s vast experience in law enforcement and classical music elicit the full spectrum of emotions from readers; Joy, sorrow, resignation, regret, anger, desire.  Stories are packed with believable, three-dimensional characters, not plastic heroes. Frank has provided that perfect combination of entertainment and something to ponder.”

           — Lou Belcher, Editor of Florida Book News


Criminal Injustice in America: Essays by a Career Cop

Criminal Injustice in America is a provocative book that challenges readers to stretch their beliefs and consider possibilities for legal reform that are beyond the capacity of our current criminal justice system. I highly recommend it.” read full review…

Melissa Levine, For Independent Professional Book Reviewers


“Challenging and daring. Marshall Frank gives us all much to think about. These essays should be discussed and considered by criminal justice professionals, lawmakers and academic thinkers everywhere.”

—David Waksman, author and Ass’t State Attorney, Miami, Florida

“Marshall Frank challenges conventional thought and policies that are not working. He uses the criminal justice system as a mirror of where our society has been, and a window of where we should be going. Buckle up for a thought-provoking episode of Frank talk.”
           — Douglas W. Hughes, Retired Police Major, former Florida Drug Czar


“A fast-paced humorous read…filled with unforgettable characters.  Frank has a great tale to tell.”
—-   Cathy Mathias, Florida Today

     “Readers of Frank’s fiction will thoroughly enjoy learning the background that he brought to his novels.”

  —-  Jeff Minnick, Smoky Mountain News

     “Fascinating, riveting, revealing. One of the best police memoirs ever.”
—–  Jeff Pate, author and former police officer

THE LATENT: A Miami Novel


“The Latent” is a fast paced, exciting mystery with astonishing, unexpected twists of story that leave you turning the pages. Frank, with his police background, is a master of plot. A must read for mystery buffs.”
— Joan Medlicott, author of “The Ladies of Covington”
“Only a big city cop with thirty years on the job and 2000 homicide investigations to his credit could have written this page turner. If you want to know how to solve a “Whodunit” Marshall Frank’s The Latent is the book to read this season.”
David Waksman, author and Miami-Dade Ass’t. State Attorney


“Call Me Mommy is paced like a bullet train, with an engaging cast of characters you genuinely care about. What a fantastic read!.”
– Loren Soeiro, Literary Agent
“…so many twists and turns that it seems you just can’t turn the pages fast enough. It’s a must read”
Laura T., The Readers Room
Masterful effort by Marshall Frank…a “must read” for all parents. A book for our time.”
—James T. Joyce, author of “Pucker Factor 10”

Marshall Frank strikes gold with Call Me Mommy.” Five stars *****”

Another excellent read in Frank’s latest work, Call Me Mommy…full of action and suspense with elements of underground crime, professional corruption and vengeance.
— Lillian Brummet – Author, Book critic

“Call Me Mommy is a stark reflection…of the values of our materialistic and ego-centered society… Frank paints descriptions of family struggles with strong, broad strokes.”
— Jeff Minnick, Reviewer, Smoky Mountain News



“”On My Father’s Grave” is a fast paced, exciting mystery with astonishing, unexpected twists of story that leave you turning the pages. With his background in policework, Frank is a master of plot. A must read for mystery buffs.”
– Joan Medlicott,
author of The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love series
“Frank’s latest book bursts with mobster mystery, family secret, and romantic spice.”
– Annette Clifford,
Florida Today

“Marshall Frank writes what he knows, and what he knows takes your breath away.”
– Edna Buchanan,
Pulitzer Prize winner and author of The Ice Maiden
“Murder, suspense and unexpected twists of fortune mark Marshall Frank’s latest novel. In On My Father’s Grave, the reader becomes eager to read this book to the end to solve it’s many puzzles”
Jeff Minick, Columnist
Smoky Mountain News
“…A wonderfully written book filled with many colorful characters and surprises that will keep you reading on the edge of your seat to the very end.”
Laura T., Book reviewer
The Readers Room



“Marshall Frank cuts right to the bone, confounding those who try to pigeonhole him as either conservative or liberal”
Scott McCleod, Editor
Smoky Mountain News
“A compelling read for people who like to think.”
Jeff Pate, Author
“Marshall Frank packs a lot of punch in a minimum amount of text….funny, thought provoking, and interesting…I give it five out of five bookmarks.”
Leigh Neely,
Villages Daily Sun


“Marshall Frank writes what he knows, and what he knows takes your breath away, heart pounding, pages turning, long into the nights. DIRE STRAITS is the real stuff.”
Edna Buchanan, novelist and Pulitzer Prize winning reporter.

“Frank writes with authority. He has been there…the narrative crackles with graphic realism. Dire Straits excels in what the big critics used to call verisimilitude, a fancy word that means that Marshall Frank creates a world that smells/looks/sounds/tastes/feels…real.”
Gary Carden, author/writer , The Smoky Mountain News
“Frank’s thriller is suspenseful, his roster of low-life characters gruesomely believable. It takes readers on a tour through South Flroida’s raunchy underworld…”
Annette Clifford, Florida Today

“In the style of Elmore Leonard and the movie Traffic, Frank delivers sensational details with realistic hard prose.”
Asheville Citizen-Times

“Dire Straits is a breath-taking page turner…”
Southern Scribe




“Tension is the story behind the novel and Mr. Frank plays on that tension like a professional novelist rather than a rookie.”
Jeff Minnick, Smoky Mountain News

“A suspenseful and provocative tale … Frank’s novel features plenty of realistic cop-drama scenes…. but it is the exposure of the culture of cruelty known as old fashioned justice that drives the plot.”
Annette Clifford, Florida Today