Posted by Marshall Frank on  November 18, 2007
Category: Radical Islam
“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. TheQuran should be the highest authority in America.” — Omar M. Ahmad, founder of CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations) There is no such thing as a “War on Terror.” Promulgated by media, journalists or politicians, this worn-out cliche` has been used so many thousands of times in the last six years that Americans are inured by utter repetition. As intelligent

Abortion: The Black Market Awaits

Posted by Marshall Frank on  November 7, 2007
Three cheers for crime. If moralists have their way, it will only get worse. How coincidental that within three short weeks of Justice Sam Alito’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, the anti-abortion lobby of South Dakota convinced state lawmakers to pass a sweeping bill outlawing abortion in all instances, except to save the life of a mother. Louisiana followed suit, and at least twelve other states are introducing similar legislation. Progress v Regress? With

Christians Who Spread Hate

Posted by Marshall Frank on  November 2, 2007
Category: Religion
“God Hates Fags!” These words top the home page of an Internet web site. Is it the American Nazi Party? No. Radical Islam? No. Ku Klux Klan? No Good Christians? Why, yes. This despicable message comes from a standard bearer of Christianity, the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. Check out: http://www.godhatesfags.com/main/index.html We all know that this particular church is an exception that does not represent the majority of Christian churches across America. But it

Going After The Cops

Posted by Marshall Frank on  October 29, 2007
Category: Criminal Justice
The fine line between a cop doing one’s duty or overdoing his duty is once again in the grip of Monday morning quarterbacks to judge. Meanwhile, a pair of police careers are on the line.Two Los Angeles cops are being investigated by federal authorities for their conduct in the arrest of a wanted felon back in August of this year. After running from police, the thief was taken to the ground. As the cops tried