(Published in the Op-Ed page, Florida Today, 5/24/2021)                                                                                   DON’T
Let’s be brutally honest, folks. The recent surge of thousands more immigrants swarming over the southern border illegally has nothing to do with helping immigrants with humane objectives. It’s all about politics. It’s all about gaining millions of votes in future elections, legal or illegal, tipping the scales, irreversibly, for
A FRANK MOVIE REVIEW: “MANK” – 7.0   In a word:  Boring   Different strokes for different folks, as they say.  Some people will love this movie, others will walk out at the halfway point.      In a nutshell, the movie centers on the true-life misery, talent and wit of
Theyrrr herre…  Patrisse Cullors, mentioned in various published articles about leftist politics in America, is the Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter…well known as a devout Marxist. (easily verified).  Fellow co-founder Alicia Garza, openly admits her alliance as a devout Marxist as well. These are not secrets. They get support from