This is about employing common sense.   In the presidential race, many feel we do not have great options. But we must still vote, and … like in many other elections…we often end up voting against someone rather than for someone. In other words, many voters are guided by deciding who we think would be least harmful to our nation. When viewing the election in such terms, it clearly tells me how important it is to re-elect
I’m a gun owner, and a 30-year career police officer, though I haven’t fired a weapon in over 30 years. It’s just not my shtick. But I sure feel safer knowing a weapon is within reach if an unforeseen and dangerous incident occurs within my purview.      In every national election, the anti-gun brigade emerges with demands that gun-laws be more restricted, citing violent crime as the number one objective. The problem with that argument
  In a word:   Engrossing                       Liam Neeson is one of those actors who cannot make a bad movie. Much like DiNiro, Cruise and so many more, he always gives it 100 percent, while making his tough-guy  characters as believable as possible. “Honest Thief” is a good movie, but not a great movie, mainly because of too many implausibles.      Based in a major city in America, Neeson plays a middle-aged widower raising a boy
    Subtitle:  How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democratic Plantation.   I never endorse books. This is one of those rare occasions. One of the brightest young Americans I’ve heard in a long time. Once she gets going, there’s no one who can keep up with her. Many of us have seen or heard this woman when she’s in a talking mode, usually pertaining to black people who insist on


Posted by Marshall Frank on  October 7, 2020
See link, below. I wrote this piece in 2014, six years ago. Not much has improved. Cops are still under fire, subject to ambush, hate and revolution. That was the year Black Lives Matter came into being to be seen as a non-violent group of love dispensers. Six years hence, after witnessing their back-up ties to Antifa, we now know the true motives and objectives of BLM…learning that the co-founders (Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza)