A FRANK MOVIE REVIEW:  “QUEEN BEES” – 7 out of 10   In a word: Entertaining   Is there a potential Oscar here? Not really, but this is truly a delightful story about aging and social interaction between men and women having reached the eventual decision about living in an assisted living facility among other “old” people. The cast is a wonderful make-up major-league stars of years past, including Ellen Burstyn, an elderly widow, playing
(This article appeared as an op-ed in Florida Today, this date: 6/8/21 ) by Marshall Frank Whoever coined the adage “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” was spot-on, because it’s true. Firearm-related crimes often involve guns that are stolen or purchased illegally. Background checks have little effect on getting to the root of gun crimes, because such checks mostly involve people who are law-abiding. We rarely find violent criminals or the mentally ill via background checks,
(Published in the Op-Ed page, Florida Today, 5/24/2021)                                                                                   DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE ABOUT SYSTEMIC RACISM                                      
A FRANK MOVIE REVIEW      “Those Who Wish Me Dead”  –   8.0   In a word: Captivating   If you are a nitpicker about correctness and accuracy, don’t see this movie. There are plenty of opportunities to think “Gotcha” in scenes that were a bit over-the-top for plausibility. But if you go to movies to be entertained and impressed with spectacular edge-of-your seat visual effects, and some pretty good acting, then this was worth the
A FRANK MOVIE REVIEW      “Here Today” –  10.0   In a word:  Mah-velous (as a Billy Crystal might say)        There have been a number of movies of late which address the plight of those who suffer from the onset of dementia. While the undertones of such stories are naturally sad and gut wrenching, Here Today offers a welcome slate of belly-laugh humor that only someone with the gift of comedy like Billy