I’m a former law enforcement officer, having served 30 years with Miami-Dade, rising to the rank of captain. Cops are often questioned by wannabes about what to expect as a rookie on the job. They are concerned about joining a career path in a profession that is highly scrutinized and
Roughly 240 million 911 calls are logged every year in America. Five percent of those calls concern violent crime. Cops and firefighters are busy 365 days a year, making communities a safe place for residents and workers. The best source for analyzing crime, in general, is not through the courts,
“THE YEAR OF DANGEROUS DAYS” Riots, Refugees and Cocaine in Miami, 1980 By Nicolas Griffin This is a powerful read for people, especially law enforcement personnel, judges, prosecutors, and prison staff who survived Miami in the era of boundless crime, 1979-1980. Penned by a first-class Miami writer, Nicholas Griffin brings
(This article appeared as an op-ed in Florida Today, this date: 6/8/21 ) by Marshall Frank Whoever coined the adage “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” was spot-on, because it’s true. Firearm-related crimes often involve guns that are stolen or purchased illegally. Background checks have little effect on getting to the