MARSHALL FRANK is an in-demand speaker at conferences, libraries, civic Organizations, colleges and private clubs.  Information and references as follows:



  • 30 Years Law Enforcement, Miami-Dade, Retired Captain
  • 16 Years Homicide/CSI Commander
  • Teacher, lecturer, expert witness, police and security consultant
  • 4 years Rapid Transit Security Manager/Six U.S. Venues
  • Author, six suspense novels, one book Short Stories, one Memoir, and seven books of non-fiction essays.
  • Author, over 1000 published newspaper editorials, articles and blog articles at “Frankly Speaking”.
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Criminal Justice
  • Invited to U.S. Congress to testify about violent crime in America


  • The lost war on drugs
  • Criminal InJustice in America
  • Police brutality, corruption and racial profiling
  • Murder, suicide and unnatural deaths
  • Militant Islam in America
  • Growing up with the Mafia/organized crime family to organized crime fighter
  • Writing/Converting true life stories into fiction
  • Humor
  • Violin Music


Fees are determined by venue, length of talk, travel time and available resources.  Overnight travel and lodging expenses should be provided in addition to fees.

Referrals provided upon request.

For more information, contact Marshall Frank at 321-604-0103
or email