Messages: Short Stories For The Thoughtful

AuthorHouse | April 26. 2011 | ISBN-13: 978-1-4567597-1-1

In MESSAGES: SHORT STORIES FOR THE THOUGHTFUL, author Marshall Frank describes his new novel: a small book of 18 short stories, written over a period of 15 years, and now assembled into one collection.  Nothing political or controversial, but snapshots into human emotion and expression as experienced over a thirty-year police career and a personal life full of trials and tribulations.

Each story sends a message. Each is about struggle, love, humor, life and death. And each story is based on true events, more or less, as rated by the truth-o-meter at the start of each chapter.

Great book for the bathroom.

Some titles:

“A Cop’s Toughest Job? Nothing To Do With Crime.”

“Hubert Survives His First Colonoscopy.”

“There’s more To Being bullied. There’s The Bully.”

“Discovering a Mother Discovering A Child.”

“An Old Violinist’s Moment In Carnegie Hall”

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Messages: Short Stories For the Thoughtful

” These Novelettes linger in the mind, each an exploration into human nature and human relationships: Loss, tragedy, struggle, youth, old age, the gift of love, the denial of love. Make you think, they do. And more important, they make you feel. Don’t miss it.”

—Neal Stannard, Author, Radio News Anchor

“Frank’s vast experience in law enforcement and classical music elicit the full spectrum of emotions from readers; Joy, sorrow, resignation, regret, anger, desire.  Stories are packed with believable, three-dimensional characters, not plastic heroes. Frank has provided that perfect combination of entertainment and something to ponder.”

           — Lou Belcher, Editor of Florida Book News

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