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2nd Edition November 2015 | Print & eBook editions

In From Violins To Violence: A Memoir. Marshall Frank bares all about his transition from a classical violinist, dancer and stepson of a Miami Beach mobster, to becoming one of Miami-Dade County’s premier homicide detectives. In a most compelling autobiography, Frank shares many personal and professional experiences.

Read about:

  • The connections between his mob-tied family and corrupt officials
  • How an unlikely candidate became a law enforcement officer
  • The struggling heart, mind and family life of a homicide investigator
  • True murders cases, rapes, suicide and other major criminal investigations
  • The arrest of five police officers for murder and the political fallout that followed
  • The truth behind the Liberty City riots of 1980
  • Crushed marriages, alcoholism and the bane of drug addiction
  • The influence of music in life of turmoil

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From Violins to Violence: A Memoir

“A fast-paced humorous read…filled with unforgettable characters.  Frank has a great tale to tell.”
                                          —–   Cathy Mathias, Florida Today
     “Readers of Frank’s fiction will thoroughly enjoy learning the background that he brought to his novels.”
                                          —-  Jeff Minnick, Smoky Mountain News
     “Fascinating, riveting, revealing. One of the best police memoirs ever.”
                                          —–  Jeff Pate, author and former police officer