My Interview 2015.

Posted by Marshall Frank on  January 29, 2020

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  Five years ago, I was recruited by a local videographer to participate in one of her programs where she delved into the lives of her subjects via one-on -one interviews.  Here is that 16-minute video…which may be of no interest to anyone, but seeing as I stumbled on it during a research mission, I thought I’d pass it on.  The first section covers some of my early life being guided by a bona fide
“1917”  –  Rating:   10.0      In a word:  Intense   Alex Heeney is a movie critic who writes for Seventh Row. In regards to “1917”, he opines:      1917 is breathtaking in every way. A chamber drama tucked inside an exquisitely rendered war epic, 1917 is more heart-stopping thriller than traditional war movie.      Before writing this review, I accessed a number of other professional critics to see if there was a consensus, because
Black Live Matter is a group that carries a lot of clout in the political-racial landscape in America. That’s obvious. What’s not obvious are the statistical facts about alleged racism in law enforcement and justice which shows that all people of all ethnic and racial bases can, and often are, holding prejudices. Of course, Black Lives do Matter, but that’s not to the exclusion of white, browns, Latinos, Asians, females, males, midgets and giants. We


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  “Uncut Gems” – 1 out of 10.   In a word:  Frenetic      If you like good movies don’t bother seeing “Uncut Gems.” It’s the greatest waste of viewer dollars I’ve seen in a long time.      The premise of the plot:  A crime thriller about Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), a New York City jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score. When he makes a series of high-stakes bets that
(This article appears in news OpEd, Florida Today, this date.)   After serving 30 years in Miami-Dade County law enforcement — plus managing a major national security company for four more — I’ve seen my share of problems concerning life, death, crime, security and justice. There is so much to overhaul and streamline, it would exceed the limits for newsprint so I’ll narrow my views to a sampling of ideas. If I had the magic wand, I would… Do away with