This…from a proud grandfather. Just wanted the world to know that Aidan Lytle, age 24, a Junior/Senior at University of North Carolina, Greensboro, has received a certificate of High Scholarship in Math and Physics, as he posts a 4.0 grade average.  He is presently researching Heavy Ion Collisions in Nuclear Physics and the effects of network topology on population dynamics in evolutionary graph theory.  Don’t feel bad, I can’t translate that either. Yes, he has
As the Democratic VP prize is nearing the next election, there is a lot of speculation about which woman Biden will select.  (After all, he did promise to appoint a woman) I’ve been writing about this for three years. Most folks think I’m nuts, after all, she has no in-office experience.  Holding office doesn’t matter, it’s winning that matters…even if it’s Daisy Mae or AOC. Rush Limbaugh took to his radio show today and predicted


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VAUDEVILLE’S LAST MAN STANDING    By Marshall Frank                                                                             This is not about a pandemic virus, or the economy, world war or the rate of crime. No sex, no violence, no destitution. It’s about a little man named Arthur


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Movie:         “Emma” Rating:         5 out of 10. In a word:   Boring        Be prepared for one more adaptation of the 1815 Jane Austen novel, first filmed in 1996 starring Gwyneth Paltrow. This movie, starring Anya Taylor-Joy follows the same basic characters within like-settings, mainly the breathtaking countryside of inner England dotted with landscapes and mansions much like any other period-based film about old England, to include a smattering of snobbery.     
With cops’ suicide on the rise, we must recognize they suffer from depression too | Opinion Marshall Frank, Published in Florida Today 11:35 a.m. ET Feb. 20, 2020 During my stint as a Miami-Dade cop from 1960 to 1990, I personally knew 10 officers who committed suicide. The reasons varied from cop to cop, i.e., emotional issues at home, runaway debt, alcohol abuse, fears and pressures of the job, and more. But the one common thread,