Criminal Injustice in America: Essays by a Career Cop

AuthorHouse| November 2008
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In CRIMINAL INJUSTICE IN AMERICA, author Marshall Frank presents a powerful argument for amending laws and process regarding the war on drugs, prostitution, abortion, capital punishment, sex offenses and more. Frank points out how narrow thinking has created an irreversible justice quagmire which not only creates more crime, it serves a prison industrial complex that has grown into a cheap labor pool for corporate America. Only a non-politically correct, thirty-year career cop with the muzzle removed can dare offer such candid and startling alternatives to a failed system that now houses 2.3 million inmates in America’s prisons, at least a third of whom do not belong there.

Readers with interest in the American justice system will find this a stimulating and fascinating collection of essays on subjects never before tackled in this manner. Definitely a book for thinkers.”

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Criminal Injustice in America: Essays by a Career Cop

“Challenging and daring. Marshall Frank gives us all much to think about. These essays should be discussed and considered by criminal justice professionals, lawmakers and academic thinkers everywhere.”

—David Waksman, author and Ass’t State Attorney, Miami, Florida

“Marshall Frank challenges conventional thought and policies that are not working. He uses the criminal justice system as a mirror of where our society has been, and a window of where we should be going. Buckle up for a thought-provoking episode of Frank talk.”
           — Douglas W. Hughes, Retired Police Major, former Florida Drug Czar

“Frank’s suggestions make Criminal Injustice in America a book well worth reading. Few readers, liberal or conservative, will agree with everything this former Miami homicide detective says in his critique of our laws and courts. But he will make you think”. — Jeff Minnick, Smoky Mountain News

“Criminal Injustice in America is a provocative book that challenges readers to consider possibilities for legal reform that are beyond the capacity of our current justice system. The author’s suggestions for an over-haul of America’s justice system are logical, well-researched and supported by statistics. Frank’s ideas are also controversial and go against the conservative ideals upon which several of the laws he challenges are based. I highly recommend it.”— Melissa Levine, Independent Book Reviewer

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