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This is about employing common sense.  

In the presidential race, many feel we do not have great options. But we must still vote, and … like in many other elections…we often end up voting against someone rather than for someone. In other words, many voters are guided by deciding who we think would be least harmful to our nation.

When viewing the election in such terms, it clearly tells me how important it is to re-elect Donald Trump, and why.  I am not his biggest fan. I’m one of those who cringe when he blurts out some of his ego-maniacal comments and other assorted barbs that make me shake my head. But all things considered, America will still be far better off by keeping the country in a democracy mode with a capitalistic government. Preserving those basic tenets are far more important than being guided by personalities.

The hard left in America is rising to the occasion.  Our nation is inching its way to the slippery slope where Socialism is not just an idea, it’s a reality which will come to bear, affecting our kids and their kids for generations to come. Consider also, there is another step to consider in that process.  Hard-core socialists have a mission to see America fall down that slope into a full-blown communist state. This is not a theory. It’s close to a reality if radical  Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC and George Soros have their way.

We all remember Castro, and the Cuban revolution. Many of us were still living in S. Florida then. Fidel fought in the jungles as a die-hard socialist, so he claimed. But it was a deception. It wasn’t until Fidel completely controlled the new government and admitted (surprise) his goals were rooted in communism. 

I spoke to many struggling Cubans back then (being a young Dade police officer). Cuba lost multi-thousands of innocent citizens to “MIA” (missing in action)  status, while thousands more escaped the island bringing with them the clothes on their backs, and nothing else. Sixty years hence, people are still driving pre-1960 jalopies and people own nothing, unless provided by the state.  I remember one Cuban guy selling bananas on a street corner, I asked about his journey from Cuba to the USA.  He said he had been a bank vice president, and his family was living with two other families in one apartment. I remember him passionately telling me, “No welfare. We no take welfare”

Black Lives Matter is a nice cliche’ .. we all want to see equality among all citizens. However, if you look past the smokescreen, Black Lives Matter is co-founded by proud Marxists named, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza. Check it out. They are an established, unapologetic communist organization, portraying themselves as guardians of black people. And, by the way, very involved in much of the violence and looting in the last seven months.

 PolitiFact | Is Black Lives Matter a Marxist movement?

Communism is a reality, not a theory. It is a hard-cold fact. They’ve been warning us since the 1950s they intend to divide and conquer the west. And, they are inching closer.  Communism is powerful. It is well-funded. It is aiming toward the grand prize. You and me. 

Riots and desperation are everywhere throughout our country like never before.  It is no accident. The movement is organized and paid for via haters of America, behind the scenes.

So let’s vote smart.

If communism comes to the U.S., there will be no turning back. So when we vote, we must not only be passionate, we must be intelligent and well informed or else our grandkids may one day be slaves to the government. When we vote, we must remember that it’s not just about a presidency, or a party. It’s about the movement, and the vast array of management systems, domestic and foreign, that comes with the president we elect.

Reminds me of that little girl in the Sci-Fi movie saying “They’rree  Heerrreee!.

In an article, columnist L. Todd Wood, Washington Times, 2018, wrote:

“Yes, this is the goal; it is slowly being propagandized by the corrupt Marxist media. The communists lost the Cold War in an economic and military collapse. Since then, they have sought to re-establish their power by embedding themselves and their ideology in our universities, to corrupt the younger generations, and the media, to control the thought processes of the low information voter.”


I’m a gun owner, and a 30-year career police officer, though I haven’t fired a weapon in over 30 years. It’s just not my shtick. But I sure feel safer knowing a weapon is within reach if an unforeseen and dangerous incident occurs within my purview.

     In every national election, the anti-gun brigade emerges with demands that gun-laws be more restricted, citing violent crime as the number one objective. The problem with that argument is that legally purchased guns, with background checks, have very little impact on the crime rate. Most guns used in violent crimes and/or gang activity are acquired by private sales, thievery or the black market. Thus, gun “control” is not the answer. Rarely do legally purchased guns surface in violent environments.

     Those who would overturn the 2nd Amendment would be making a horrible mistake, all in the so-called interest of reducing crime and violence.

     I do not mean to suggest that some revisions to gun laws might be in order. I totally understand the comparison about the 2nd Amendment being passed in 1791, when rifles were long and single-shot only. If that amendment was passed in today’s world, it would read much different.

     No private citizen needs to own a machine gun, cannon, or homemade bombs for that matter. I’ve also heard arguments from folks in other parts of the world, where violent crime is much lower, ostensibly because gun ownership is more tightly restricted. Yes, Sweden, France and Amsterdam and most countries in Europe have stricter gun laws which gives American naysayers justification for proposing tougher laws, or yet, abolishing the 2nd Amendment. Bear in mind, also, that our country is far more multi-cultural and multi-ethnic  than other nations in the world.

     The sad truth is that criminal gun activity is a product of the streets, mostly illegal. In a special report issued recently by the Department of Justice, state and federal prisoners who had used firearms in their crimes obtained them in the black market, while other guns were gifts from friends or relatives. Only 7 percent of guns used in crime were purchased guns from dealers and less than one percent were bought at gun shows. So much for background checks.

     The most serious problem producing violent crime in America, which we hear little about, is the dilemma of “Mental Illness.” Whereby seriously deranged individuals could be remanded by court order to mental institutions until the late 1970s, more than 90 percent of those institutions are now closed due to court decisions, leaving prisons as housing centers for the mentally ill. Prison studies have determined that roughly 20 percent of inmates (out of 2.3 million) are deemed seriously disturbed.

     Successfully fighting crime is more doable than people think. All we need to do is search for the best examples, where many problems were actually solved. In the largest city in America, murders in New York City rose to over 2,000 per year in the early 1990s. Along came Mayor Rudy Giuliani who initiated a myriad of programs to successfully reduce violent crime. When he first took command of the Big Apple, between 1600 and 2000 annual murders were tabulated. By the time he left office, those murders dropped to under 600 a year. In his first three years as mayor, over 56,000 guns were impounded from the streets. Other violent crimes dropped as well. Why? Mayor Giuliani initiated several programs, the most controversial being Stop and Frisk. With specific restrictions and training, police officers were given the green light to stop and question hundreds of thousands annually.

     Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who succeeded Giuliani, maintained the same process with results of lowering crime rates. Some folks thought it was an overreach, others screamed racial profiling was too common. But the facts support both the mayors, having saved many lives in New York City. What’s more important than saving lives and making citizens feel safe?

     The problem is not just guns. The past six months of unrestrained city riots, unprecedented throughout America, indicates how too many Anti-American people in our communities are under orders by a hidden enemy to destroy America. That’s another topic.

Marshall Frank  




  Subtitle:  How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democratic Plantation.


I never endorse books. This is one of those rare occasions.

One of the brightest young Americans I’ve heard in a long time. Once she gets going, there’s no one who can keep up with her. Many of us have seen or heard this woman when she’s in a talking mode, usually pertaining to black people who insist on clinging onto the left. She has been called to testify before a congressional committee, to the chagrin of people like Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer.  There is no one in the public arena who has the charisma and charm (and intellect) of Candace Owens.

In her book, she shares how … in her early life … she had been programmed to believe it was the duty of blacks to be ingratiated by the left wing of the party, to whom she should owe her allegiance. Then she came across talk show host, Larry Elder, a bright man in his own right (and black) who caught her attention to the other side of the coin, and that it was the conservative wing of government who provided the opportunities of self-governance. 

Here’s a few sentences from her book, Blackout, already among best sellers according to the N.Y. Times. Listen to the magic of this lady:

    ***  Black America, much like the Jews in the Old Testament, has been liberated, but somehow back into the wilderness by the false prophets of the Democratic Party.

    ***  While Democrats have long acknowledged our struggles and the crimes enacted against us, they have done very little to provide actual remedies or prepare us for a future that doesn’t center on our brokeness.  

    ***   Citing Larry Elder, Ms. Owens writes, The biggest problem that black people have is the percentage of blacks, 75 percent of them, that are raised without fathers. 

(We should note here, that the ratio was 25 percent raised without fathers, when LBJ passed the massive welfare reforms in the late 1960s)


Ms Owens is an American conservative author, commentator, and political activist.

 Candace Owens at hearing on Confronting White Supremacy – YouTube  showing Ms. Owens testifying before congress.  Watch how she electrifies a room, especially in the last two minutes of the segment.

Candace Owens has recorded numerous podcast videos, many topics, worth a look  Start here: The Candace Owens Show | PragerU

Meanwhile, I highly recommend this book.  You’ll walk away knowing more than you thought you knew, regardless of political parties..





See link, below.

I wrote this piece in 2014, six years ago. Not much has improved. Cops are still under fire, subject to ambush, hate and revolution. That was the year Black Lives Matter came into being to be seen as a non-violent group of love dispensers. Six years hence, after witnessing their back-up ties to Antifa, we now know the true motives and objectives of BLM…learning that the co-founders (Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza) are proud and open Marxists, whose long range goals … like all Communists  … is to bring down the free world (you and me) under the oppressive control of government.  Ask any Cuban from the early days of Fidel Castro, and following generations, the nightmarish revolution, when Castro never acknowledged his Communist attachments until the takeover was completed.
Sure, the Cubans have government-controlled health care, but ask the population, how many citizens own cars, or houses, or property, or…for that matter, free will. 
Read the article.  It’s worse today than it was in 2014.  We actually have mayors and governors, and leaders of blue states that condone riots, assaults, arson, destruction of homes and businesses, and more. Never thought I’d see the day.
Remember, we are voting for a complex 4-year package deal, not just one human being.
Here’s the 2014 piece. Then, imagine the situation worsening in another six years.


I am a registered independent. While most of my views are generally in line with the Republicans, I do tend to side with Democrats when I agree with their points of view. For example, my feelings about Capital Punishment would be more in line with Democrats.

With presidential elections, voters seem to be more concerned about the persona of candidates, than the factors they represent, or what’s best for Americans. Candidates on both sides are beholden to financial supporters, which are not always best for the nation, but best for the donors.  Politicians, I feel, are too often putting integrity aside if it’s a matter of winning or losing.

It’s not so much about corruption of the candidates, as it is, corruption within politics. It’s a natural outgrowth of a system that manipulates political gain via the almighty dollar.

While Donald Trump is often seen as ego-maniacal, I am convinced that his goals, as president, are the least egregious as compared to most politicians in the political theater where money is everything. He is by far, the most accessible president in my lifetime, always willing to field questions from media, whether scheduled or not.  He is repeatedly willing to talk to the people of America. He is the richest of presidents, as are his family members, which assures me – to some extent – that his motives for decisions and policies are untainted by corruption and greed.

Issues aside, we now have two candidates to choose between. Here is my short evaluation.

We are not just voting for one person to be a president. We are voting for the massive political machines that come with them. Along with the candidate, come the supporters, the debts, the domestic and international finance machines, world affairs, and cabinets, lawyers and leaders who make up a very complicated government. I will vote for the candidate who is least indebted to the political well, and who truly has the best interests of Americans at heart.

Joe Biden is a nice guy. But he has his debts to pay like any politician, which might not always be in the best interest of Americans. I see Mr. Trump as owing far less to outsiders. Much like a child, he mainly wants to hear approval, gratitude and a report card of accomplishments.

I’ve been attentive to the reports of Joe Biden’s mental acuity, which has been questioned by many. For a while, I dismissed the accusations that he was slow, or stupid and confused, because it just sounded like political smearing. But as time has passed, I’ve come to feel badly for Biden because I think he is a decent man about to enter into a daily rat-race he’s ill equipped to handle. That’s not good for him, or the nation. And if he cannot match up to the daily grind of presidential demands, he should not be there.

The link below is a little more than two minutes long. It stars Joe Biden in various speaking dates. As you pass through the various scenes, ask yourself, do you really want this man – nice as he is — to be in a position to be running the country, and all that it demands. For sure, if he should get elected, the chances (in my opinion) are strong that he will not be able to withstand the mental trauma.  Frankly, I would be worried for the nation considering who might replace him. 

It’s a very serious situation.

Must See: Joe Biden Proves How Lucid He Is: Without A Teleprompter, Script Or Interrupting Staffer – YouTube


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