I am no war monger.

     I opposed, in writings, the invasion of Iraq.  As a younger man, I had serious doubts about the value of Americans dying in Viet Nam. I believe the first Gulf War and the Afghan conflicts were truly necessary.

     There is no greater threat to the freedom of the world today, than what is unfolding in Syria and Iraq, by whom we call ISIS. It is as serious as the Nazi movement, which sought world domination; the only difference was that their God was in human form by the name of Hitler. And, it is only one more step in their overall plan.

     If we do not repel and decimate this threat now, it will metastasize and spread through the middle-east. And once emboldened, they are coming after the western world, at first with isolated incidents of violence, and later with mass murder.  It is their mission, for which they are all happy to die for. Literally.

     Such decimation cannot be accomplished with pin-pricks and aerial bombings of select targets. That’s like stepping on roaches while the nest thrives. Every military authority in and out of the Obama administration, plus the two former Secretaries of Defense have said a ground assault will be necessary otherwise we’re wasting time and money. And the longer we pin-prick, the stronger they get. They have the numbers, they have the power, they have the methods and they have the funding.

     To retreat and build a protective wall around western civilization only delays the inevitable onslaught which our kids and grandkids will have to deal with.

     The answer is: D-Day. We need to form a full-scaled invasion and assault.  There can be no half-way, otherwise it’s a losing cause. We must show strength, results and resolve, no turning back. It’s a matter of do or die, literally. For in the long run, millions more innocent bodies will scatter the landscape of continents.

     Along with our most loyal allies, we need to plunder, kill and destroy radical Islam everywhere, whether they are called ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas, Boco Haram, Taliban or al Sharia…they are all the same ideology with the same purpose.  We must stop going after individual cockroaches, we must destroy the nest. The victims of the world, especially women throughout Asia and Africa and the middle-east, are begging for rescue from this international horror, for which the United Nations is virtually useless.

     If the general public would take the time to read the history of Islamic conquest, they would see that this is history repeating itself. Hasn’t anyone ever wondered how Islam spread so prolifically across the world, converting Christians and other non-Muslims by the millions in such a short time? Does anyone really think they did it by evangelizing in town squares?

     Watch ISIS closely. See what is going on today in the northern Syrian town of Kobani where most are trapped, awaiting their fate at the hands of mass murder. The only difference between today and the 7th century, is weapon technology and mass communication systems. The mentality is the same.

     They enter into towns and villages, separate young non-Muslim men (Dhimmis)  from their families and order them to change their religion, pay a steep tax (Jizya) or die. Many are beheaded for public view. This terrorizes and frightens onlookers, as they fear the same fate for themselves and loved ones. Their non-Muslim women, and/or Muslim women as well, are often raped and captured and forced into unwanted marriages or as slaves and concubines. Young girls are sold to older men for their pleasures. Children are herded into Madrasses (Islamic schools) where the Quran is force-studied ten hours a day until they are fully indoctrinated. These are the future “moderate” Muslims who, as adults, will live in peace.

     Why will they live in peace? Because the resistance disappears after one generation. Knowing little about Christianity or any other religion, all new children grow up to be loyal and obedient Muslims while mothers and fathers who could talk about the virtues of other religions are mostly dead. Old history books are destroyed. (sound familiar?) When everyone is Islamic, and there is no competition and peace prevails. 

     Yes, there are many stories of history where non-Muslims lived peacefully side by side with Muslims. But that was because, in most of those societies, the non-Muslims paid a special tax (Jizya) to stay alive.

     I concede that the majority of ordinary Muslim people throughout the world, particularly in Indonesia, India, China and Egypt, and some in western societies, are peace loving folks not interested in the jihad mentality. But every scholar whose books I have read, including Muslim authors, estimates that the fundamentalist/radical Islamic population is somewhere between 12 and 20 percent of the world of Islam. With 1.4 Muslims globally, that equates to roughly 150 to 200 million jihadists who are either part of the movement toward global conquest, or they support jihad with their generosity and finances. That’s a far larger enemy than Italy, Germany and Japan ever was.

    A Jihadist does not have to wear bombs and ammo belts. Thousands of Jihadists wear suits and ties, work among us in medical facilities, government offices, mosques and universities. When they send Zakat (charity donations) to outside organizations, the money is often filtered to al Qaeda, ISIS or Hamas. Plenty of “moderate” and well-educated Islamists have gone to prison in the United States for stealth support of terrorism.

     Following the death of Mohammed in 632 A.D., Islamic forces plundered through the middle-east, then across north Africa from Egypt to Morocco (the size of United States) and finally into Spain, where they controlled much of that country from 711 A.D. to 1492.  This was all accomplished with camels and swords and terror.

     Below is a list of books about the threat of terror and the history of Islamic Jihad. I hope everyone will take the time and effort to study the reality of what is going on today, and why it must be stopped and destroyed. Not contained. Not curtailed: DESTROYED.

     Or else, our kid’s kids may be next.

     I formed this list three years ago. Many more books have since been published, same subject. I urge everyone: Educate yourselves, then vote smart… or write your congress and your president.  Check with amazon.com:


 INFILTRATION – by Paul Sperry

HOLY WAR ON THE HOME FRONT – by Harvey Kushner


INSIDE THE KINGDOM – by Carmen Bin Laden

THE HISTORY OF ISLAM – by Robert Payne

THE INFIDELS – by David Anderson



AMERICA ALONE – by Mark Steyn





TAKING BACK ISLAM – Edited by Michael Wolfe

BECAUSE THEY HATE – by Brigitte Gabriel

STATE OF EMERGENCY – By Patrick Buchanan

STEALTH JIHADBy Robert Spencer

MUSLIM MAFIABy P. David Gaubatz

THEY MUST BE STOPPED – By Brigitte Gabriel



RADICAL ISLAM IN THE HOUSE – by Michael S. Coffman

 MILITANT ISLAM IN AMERICA – by Marshall Frank  (2007)

The following video link is worth watching. Clare Lopez, another amazing authority of radical Islam, gives a broad overview of the ISIS composition and future threat to our national security.  She’s a true intellectual on this topic.  She is introduced at the 6:00 mark by Tom Trento.

Additional links

Click here: US prods Turkey over inaction against ISIS | Fox News

 Click here: Dhimmi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 


The upcoming mid-term election is far more crucial than people realize, and not for the usual reasons.

     While the media and the electorate in general, focus on governors, congressmen, senators, and local races tied to party lines, there is a bigger issue at stake which we should all consider. It’s more important than any personality or single candidate’s qualifications.

     I am a registered Independent because I have serious concern with the integrity of both major political parties. In a few words: They are all corrupt, by necessity. Groveling for big money translates to quid pro quo. Politicians on all sides of the aisle do not always make the right decisions for America, they make the right decisions to feather their political nest. That’s the American way.

     But this is one election I will be voting Republican across the board, even if I must hold my nose. Not because I love the party, but because it is crucial in preventing a dictatorship in the White House for the next two years.

     The only element that can stem the power of this lame duck president, who will no longer be answerable to the American people, is to strip his power base so that the executive branch can be reined in for the next two years.

     Mr. Obama has demonstrated over and again his determination to “fundamentally transform America” as promised in his first election campaign. The question is: Just how much does America need fundamental transformation? With all its flaws, I kinda like America. Yes, our country has always had issues which require attention, new laws, protection of rights, national security and so forth. But Mr. Obama has not only kept his promise, he has delved into dangerous overreach.

     The list of examples borders on endless. On the international stage, everywhere we look, the world is less safe. The middle-east is in chaos. Radical Islam is stronger and bolder than ever as terrorists openly terrorize and murder innocent people on video cameras as if to show the world how impotent America has become. The situation with Russia has shown our weakness, while Iran remains a nuclear threat like North Korea.

     Security at the border with Mexico has worked like a broken sieve, allowing a flow of hundreds of thousands poor and indigent aliens into our nation to feed off our entitlement systems or to commit crimes, while dangerous enemy combatants ride piggy back through the same sieve. It could be fixed, but that’s not happening. In truth, these refugees represent future supporters of single-party system.

     Syrian refugees are now coming into the United States by the multi-thousands, bolstering the Islamic population and undoubtedly introducing their fair share of anti-American sentiments. The Keystone pipeline, which would give our nation independence from foreign enemies, is at our fingertips, but quashed by this administration without good reason. And, nobody has taken notice that the Nobel Peace Prize winner has been anything but peaceful, as he and his state department openly supported the Muslim Brotherhood in the first Egyptian uprising.

     Why would an American president provide support to a parent organization that has spawned terrorist groups here and abroad, and who oversees more than thirty Islamic organizations that strive toward the ultimate overthrow of our way of life? And, that is documented by the Brotherhood’s own pen, as introduced into federal court in 2007’s Holy Land Foundation trial.

     Mr. Obama has two years left in office, according to the constitution.  Unless he outwardly commits an indisputable high crime or misdemeanor, he will never be removed from office. No congressman or senator in his right mind would dare even suggest impeaching the first black president.

     The next best thing is to diminish the power of the Obama presidency by electing a full slate of Republicans in the house and senate who can keep his power in check. The president also looks toward state politicians, including governors, to help advance and support the policies of the president.  

     Normally, we should not want to see a one-party rule in America. The counter-balance is needed so that we never suffer from a run-away government power.  The situation with Barack Obama changes all that, for the time being. That’s why I urge all Americans, no matter the office, elect Republicans in local state, and most especially, national elections this coming November 4th. The fundamental transformation America will shift into high gear his last two years if he has the backing of congress and state government leaders.

     I plead with voters:  Leave single-issues aside for one election and look at the bigger picture. Once the president basically becomes a full-blown dictator, it will be too late to reverse. 

Click here: An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America :: Archive Documents

 Click here: U.N. to dump flood of Muslim refugees on U.S.

 Click here: CHILLING Video: Famous Liberal Law Professor Warns of Obama Dictatorship; Urges Congress to Act


I challenge each and every blind liberal supporter of Barack Obama to view this one video which, in 2007, President G.W. Bush eerily outlines the reasons why it was so important to leave at least 20,000-plus troops in Iraq in order to maintain the peace and secure the region from terrorism. 

     Here, in part, are his words of that year:

     “I know some in Washington would like us to start leaving Iraq now. To begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we are ready would be dangerous for Iraq, for the region, and for the United States. It would mean surrendering the future of Iraq to al Qaeda. It would mean that we’d be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. It would mean we’d allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in Iraq to replace the one they lost in Afghanistan. It would mean increasing the probability that American troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous.”

     That was in 2007, folks. It has all come to pass. Whether you liked him or not, George W. Bush was right. 

     Here’s the 4-minute video, several venues of the same speech: (scroll down)

     Click here: LiveLeak.com – President Bush Predicted In 2007 With Frightening Accuracy What Is Happening Today In Iraq

      I was not a big fan of President G. W. Bush. I wrote articles in 2003 opposing the proposed invasion of Iraq, stating numerous reasons why. It had nothing to do with conservatism or liberalism. But once it was a done deal, the next most important objective was be to minimize losses and to establish Iraq as an ally in the middle east and to keep the region safe and secure from terror.

          Bush may not have been the best president in history, but it is clear that he regularly attended security briefings and trusted his military personnel to know what was best for America and for the free world.

     According to White House records, Barack Obama attends about 42 percent of security briefings and otherwise reads them on his iPad daily. It’s difficult to imagine that a president of the United States – in a period of time when international terrorism is at its peak around the world – takes terror so nonchalant that he not only skips the majority of security briefings, he reads them on a device in which he cannot challenge, engage, debate, ask questions, delve, investigate, or do everything possible to make right his oath of office, to protect the citizens of America.

     Everyone in a position to know, including the past president, many of his past and present staff members, nearly all the military hierarchy, and his own prior Secretary of Defense, pleaded with Obama to leave 20 to 25 thousand troops in Iraq as a peacekeeping contingency force following the successful surge of 2007, much the same as we did in South Korea in 1953. But Mr. Obama was hell bent on keeping his promise to pull out entirely, despite the risks, and despite projections otherwise.

     Every disaster that has plagued the middle-east in the last five years can be directly attributed to the errant policies of this president, from Egypt, to Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, and Hamas’ expanded war against Israel. The ISIS debacle would never have happened had we maintained a reasonable force within Iraq.

     Nobel Peace Prize? Are you kidding me?

     The president would have us believe that Iraq’s Malaki government refused to guarantee liability against a small American contingency of five thousand, which – according to the Obama administration – is his excuse for pulling out. But that’s a load of c—p, because any competent president with a position of power could easily have negotiated that agreement once the numbers would be over 20 thousand. But the words were music to Obama’s ears, his perfect excuse for leaving the region. That was his goal. He achieved it.  Now look!

     We now have a forming caliphate, and the most dominant array of radical Islamists ever, with thousands of dead innocent people, with torture, hangings, rapes and decapitated heads rolling around much more than the media lets us know. And, the mongrels have their sights set for greater land grabs, including the west.

     Nothing could have gone better for radical Islamic terrorism, than the United States having Barack Obama for a president.

     It’s simply impossible to imagine that a U.S. president would be so naïve, or inept, or disengaged. The only other explanation is too scary to even suggest.

     I said it in articles five years ago:  I wonder whose side he is really on…

Click here: Fmr. Defense Secretary blames Obama – CNN.com

Click here: THE ENEMY WITHIN? | Marshall Frank


This column appears in Florida Today, a Brevard County paper. But the topic can apply as a national subject as well.


Marshall Frank: Local judges should not be elected

Has anyone ever thought about the system of electing local judges?

Unless a person has been before a judge in a courtroom, or they know the candidate personally, voters usually have no idea for whom or what they are voting. It’s no wonder less than 22 percent of Brevard County’s registered voters turned out to vote in the August primary election.

In that election, several names appeared on the ballot for circuit and county judgeships, most of whom were completely unknown to the general public. Yet, people go to the voting booth and mark their ballots for the names they most often saw on roadside signage, or for the person they declare best qualified because they were an incumbent. No doubt, some unknowing voters will cast ballots based on ethnicity, race, sex or other nonsensible designations.

Few voters even know what qualifications are required for a person to reach the bench in Florida. Amazingly, a judge can be appointed or elected who has virtually no experience as a practicing attorney.

According to state law, anyone can be a circuit or county court judge as long as he or she is a dues-paying member of the bar association for at least five years. That’s it, folks. The man or woman who is weighing evidence and deciding your guilt or innocence in Florida may have been working as a landscaper or computer engineer, and may have never set foot in a courtroom other than moot court in law school. Yet, all we know when we vote is the sound of their name and the images imbedded in our heads from the array of signs and banners.

Theoretically, a vacant judgeship can be filled by a sitting governor based on friendships or quid pro quo, depending on an appointee’s generosity during the election year.

During my 30 years in the Miami-Dade Police Department, I knew judges who were snorting cocaine in their chambers minutes after they sentenced a defendant to prison for possessing the same substance. Others were caught in stings, taking bribes behind chambers to be more liberal with bond setting or sentencing for friends of friends. Yes, they went to prison.

Judges also appoint defense attorneys to indigent defendants in major crimes. I’ve known cases in which the appointed lawyers were so over-the-hill, lazy, drunk or inept, they virtually guaranteed the prosecution a guilty verdict. In one of those cases, the defendant was innocent, but went to prison anyway. The appointed attorney had impressive credentials on paper, but was otherwise incompetent. The lawyer got his money. The state attorney was happy. There were no legal grounds for successful appeals.

There is a way to fix the problem.

Eliminate elections for judges and institute a system for appointing them. Governors can appoint a bipartisan council, which receives recommendations for judges whose backgrounds are reviewed and evaluated, then sent back to the governor for approval. An active list is certified from which appointments provide four or six years of service. When vacancies occur, the governor’s office conducts a blind drawing from the list.

No corruption, no quid pro quo. And a fully qualified, nonpartisan jurist is appointed.

Regardless, we must set higher standards for men and women to serve as judges. Such standards should specify a significant term of practice in the judicial field for which they aspire, such as 10 years working in criminal and/or civil law with extensive trial experience.

This is not to suggest our current servants on the bench are not qualified. I’m sure they are. But for the electorate, for government and for the judiciary, we can do better if we think outside the box.

The days of Judge Roy Bean, when judges were known by everyone in the community, are long over. Let’s modernize.



       This blog will present an average week in the world of Islam, the religion of peace, and minimize the editorials.  Rather, I’ll provide the links to several current articles and allow readers decide for themselves. We don’t hear about most of this is the mainstream media because, frankly speaking, it’s too much to keep up with.

      First, please visit this web site and note the statistics on the left column. 


     Thus far, since 9/11/01, there have been nearly 21,000 documented acts of terror, perpetrated by Islamists, resulting in random heaps of dead bodies – mostly Muslims. This does not count war dead in Afghanistan and Iraq.

     We’re told that it’s only a few “extremists” that are causing the problems and that Islam is a religion of peace. 

     Nevertheless, the Monthly Islamic Jihad international terror report for April 2013 stacks up like this:

      202 Attacks

      25 CountrieS

     957 Dead bodies

    2403 Critically injured

 Bear in mind, these are all at the whim of the Religion of Peace, which – according to our nation’s government – should never be associated with terrorism. You heard me right; Our present government – under Barack Hussein Obama – has ordered all training and manuals for federal law enforcement to cease using the word “Islam” in association with “terror,” as though one has nothing to do with the other.

     That’s like saying that Germans had nothing to do with Nazism.

     Or…the KKK has nothing to do with racism.

      If interested researchers would like to know more about the truth of Islamic terror and Jihad, there are numerous books and informational web sites for the asking. There is an ocean of information out there for the open minded.

      So, let’s see what the latest news is for this week where those few extremists keep giving Islam a bad name.

 1.      On a London street, a British soldier was slaughtered in broad daylight by two Muslim men screaming Allahu Akbar. The soldier was minced by a machete and then beheaded by a meat cleaver…all for no other reason than being a non-Muslim and a representative of the British government. Don’t listen to me, read for yourself:

          Click here: Muslims Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Behead British Soldier on Public Street – Atlas Shrugs

 2.      A Muslim political candidate lost an election in Pakistan to an opponent who supported freedom for Christians. The loser, Mehr Sattar accessed a Mosque loudspeaker and began demanding revenge against Christians.  The result; about 100 Christians were attacked by Muslims.  This is but one attack in an on-going series of attacks against Christians in Pakistan. (And in Egypt, and Tunisia and Mali and Iraq and…et al.)

      Click here: Pakistan: Calls for attacks on Christians emanate from Mosque loudspeakers

 3.       Here’s another example of the risk of being a non-Muslim in Pakistan, as a Christian Girl is murdered for – being a Christian.

           Click here: Pakistan: Muslims attack Christian village, murder Christian teenager – Jihad Watch

 4.       Here are recent stories about Muslim gangs constantly overrunning Stockholm, Sweden. 

           Click here: Gangs of ‘Youths’ Overrun Stockholm | FrontPage Magazine

           Click here: Jihad Watch

 5.       Islamists in Niger deployed suicide bombers at a military barracks, killing twenty innocent people and injuring scores more.

           Click here: BBC News – Mokhtar Belmokhtar ‘masterminded’ Niger suicide bombs

 6.       Luxor, Egypt.  Seven male members of a Muslim family systematically murdered a mother and her two daughters for their “behavior.”  Then they threw their bodies in the Nile River.  Honor killings are not uncommon in Islam. About fifteen murders take place every day (that we know of) around the world, including the United States.

           Click here: Egypt: Mother and Daughters Killed by Muslim Relatives for Their ‘Behavior’ – Jihad Watch

     As this article is prepared, a commercial aircraft from Pakistan has been diverted and forced to land in Stansted, England.  The pilot was out of communication from towers for some time. Two men have been arrested for “endangerment” of an aircraft. More news is pending…none of which is likely to be a surprise.

      That’s the current ( and incomplete) report – for part of a week — from the world of Islamic activity proving daily, that it is the religion of peace.  Other bombings have taken place in Afghanistan and Pakistan killing scores of men, women and children, mostly Muslims, primarily over their differences in religious beliefs, i.e. Sunni vs Shiite.  

     Within Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, there are several factions that divide their churches. But rarely – in the present world – do we ever learn of random murder among Christians and Jews in the name of God.

      Yet, we are forced to continually focus on the religion of peace as we count the body bags on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  And then, our government representatives, from the president on down, tell us there is no war with Islam. Who are they trying to snow?

     Why do so many thousands of airports throughout the globe spend billions upon billions of dollars on security every day? Answer: Fear of Islamic Terror.