While the campaigns keep us all focused on the economy as the major issue of the election, we lose sight of the other half of the importance coin, and that’s foreign policy as it relates to national security.

     Mr. Romney has been a governor, Olympics chief and successful business entrepreneur, but he has no track record in the foreign policy arena for us to judge.

     Not so with Mr. Obama.  In three years and six months, Obama has a very visible track record in foreign policy, so there is plenty to judge.  Here are some of his accomplishments.

     1)  He claims he ended the war in Iraq. In truth, the time table for ending the war was not Obama’s idea, it followed almost exactly as G.W. Bush had prescribed, but with one difference. Mr. Obama chose to completely withdraw and leave no American forces in place to act as advisors, trainers and peace keepers. Bush’s plan was to have 5,000 to 10,000 non-combat troops in Iraq to help with security and support. That would have also given us a strategic presence in the volatile middle east.

     In six months since the end of 2011, when the last troops left Iraq, there have been more than a dozen suicide bombings killing at least 472 people and injuring thousands, and no end in sight.

     TIMELINE-Deadliest attacks in Iraq in 2012 – AlertNet 

     2)  Since Obama has taken office in 2009, virtually nothing has been done to intervene in the on-going slaughter and persecution of Christians around Iraq, to the point that there are only eight Christian churches remaining, and their fate is dismal. Where is our president in the protection of religious freedom in Iraq?

     3)  Obama supported the so-called Arab Spring in Egypt and other middle-east countries. He also supported the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, a U.S. ally, who single-handedly maintained the peace treaty with Israel. The overthrow ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood, a notorious Islamist organization whose purpose to exist is to conquer the world as a caliphate. (that fact is documented in their own manifesto) Whether by mistake or by design, Obama helped our enemies take over the largest Arab state in the middle east which now threatens the peace with Israel, and the U.S.

     4)  The overthrow of Mubarak, like Saddam Hussein, has resulted in a sharp uprising in violence against the Egyptian Coptics (Christians) for whom no one in America, including the president, is standing up for. In 2011, more than one hundred Coptics have been murdered in Egypt, more than the prior ten years combined.

     5)  Obama authorized warring maneuvers that ousted, and had killed, Moammar Ghadaffi. Folks were happy to see another dictator ousted, even though that same dictator has removed all his weapons of mass destruction when Bush was in office. I don’t remember Obama getting lawful authorization from congress to participate in a military conflict. Now, the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to assume power in Libya,Tunisia,Yemen and other middle-east nations. 

     6)  While Obama was  helping “freedom fighters” oust Ghadaffi and Mubarak, where was he when  “freedom fighters” were calling for a change in Iran? Two times, in 2009 and in 2011, the oppressed people of Iran demonstrated in the streets pleading for support in search of relief from Islamist-driven persecution and tyranny, but all Obama could say was … nothing. Where were the drones? The war planes? The overthrow?

     Then again, there was no Muslim Brotherhood poised to take over in Iran.

     7)   Missile defense has been reduced and/or scuttled to the chagrin of our allies in Eastern Europe. Then again, who cares about our allies? The Russians must be thrilled. Putin may even be more thrilled when Obama has more “flexibility” after the election is over.

     8)  Obama openly called for Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders…which every authority on the subject tells us would be tantamount to national suicide. Does not Obama remember the uprooting of Israel from Gaza, ceding land back to the Palestinians for peace…and all that followed was the on-going rockets and murders by Hamas? Does not Obama realize this in part of the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood?

     9)  Speaking of which, where are Obama’s speeches denouncing the on-going bombings and murders of innocent Israeli citizens across the Gaza border? He denounces Israel for building more residential quarters for their citizens, he denounces Israel for “occupying” Palestinian land, but never denounces Palestinians for systematically murdering Israelis with rockets from Hamas and Hezbollah.

     10)  Why doesn’t the media question assassinations via drones?  Would Bush have been given such a pass? What’s to stop Mr. Obama from drone killings in Australia, the UK, or Mexico? Is this an act of war? Are collateral killings acceptable so long as we know we’ve killed a suspected terrorist?  Can we arbitrarily kill people in other countries we are not fighting in, even if they are American citizens? If we can kill these people, why can’t we capture them instead for intelligence information? Or…hmmm…is that the problem?

  11)   Speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood, why isn’t Mr. Obama held to answer for employing MB-connected Islamists in his White House, Department of Homeland Security and the State Department?

  12)  Why did our president telegraph our strategy to the Taliban in Afghanistan? Contrary to every tactical playbook on fighting wars, he openly announced our time table for withdrawal. This permits the enemy to wait until our troops are gone in 2013, and then resume the extremist treachery of women while the Taliban resumes their aid to terrorists. When does a sports team ever tell opponents their playbook, and expect to win?

  13)  Why did we give a mass murderer, Osama Bin Laden, a respectful burial at sea from an American war ship?

  14)  After getting elected, why did our president feel he had to tell the Egyptian people that Islam had played an important role in the history ofAmerica? Excuse me?

  15)  Radical Islamists have raised their murderous heads in Nigeria killing one thousand Christians in the past two years and destroying a number of churches. Where is the great humanitarian? Where are the war planes and drones?

  16)  In 2008, Barack Obama traveled to Kenya to lend support to the election of Raila Odinga, not only an admitted Marxist but a hard core Islamist who vowed to install Sharia as the law in that country. Since, Kenya has been under a reign of terror led by Odinga’s supporters, and now it appears the Islamists are prevailing and Kenya will become a full Islamist nation.

   17)  In 2009, Obama sided with Hugo Chavez, (who hates the U.S.) in supporting the return of ousted president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, who was tried to defy that nation’s constitution by extending his term beyond the law. Zelaya, who was also praised by Castro, had been elected as a conservative, then shifted to the far left once in power. 

  18)  Can anyone imagine how embarrassed the folks in Oslo must be for awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to an American president who had yet to do anything for peace in the world?

  19)  Why did Barack Obama select an Attorney General who came from a private law office that defended – pro bono – seventeen of the “combatants” i.e., Islamic terrorists, housed at Guantanamo? How is that not a conflict? And why did he allow the Attorney General to hire some of the attorneys from that same office into our Justice Department?

20)  And finally, will the president ever explain why he bowed to the King of an Islamic country that beheads homosexuals and then he reaches out to gays for the voting bloc.

     Does anyone get the picture here?

     One can only imagine what lengths will be taken if and when this president is reelected without any more accountability to the people of America,…so he can be as flexible as he wants without a worry in the world.  We better pay attention to the foreign policy side to this campaign.

Obama and Odinga Campaign in Kenya – YouTube

Obama Supports Odinga Islamic Terror in Kenya – YouTube

Atlas Shrugs: Kenya’s killing fields

Obama Overlooks Christian Persecution

The “twilight of Christianity” in Iraq

President Obama, you undermined the 2009 Iranian Uprising | Iranian.com

White House Scraps Bush’s Approach to Missile Shield – NYTimes.com



  1. Ralph E. August 2, 2012 at 5:39 am #

    CHRIS – The left-leaning socialist speed-reader (Amy) and the two willfully blinded pinheads
    that are stuck sniffing their own petards, with off-topic golden interludes, don’t want anything
    like S/H “Letting Obama Be Obama” (See Jan 1st, 2012 Post) cuz it’s 20 pages of fact-based
    evidence… shun it like the plague. But I thought you might enjoy a shorter version of the same person, a rarely heard of VALERIE JARRETT,”Acting President of the Unites States”!

    Put this in your Search Engine if the Link Fails…
    “Valerie Jarrett: The Next Van Jones” by Ben Johnson… he’s the Senior Editor of


    Regards, – reb
    ___ ___

  2. reality August 2, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    The world didn’t ignore Hitler. Churchill praised him, “W”‘s granddaddy sold him war materials, and IBM sold those computer cards to the Nazis so they could keep track of where the Jews were. “The love of money is the root of all evil”. Lots & lots of people of all religions, make money off of weapons. And President Eisenhower, who had seen WWII, was NOT “off subject” when he warned of the Military Industrial Complex. Nor when he said, even to contemplate war in a nuclear age, is insanity. Now, to keep sending humans into space, for our own prideful purposes, is to keep polluting FL’s land and waterways. Did you read today about the dead areas, devoid of seagrass, So of Cape Canaveral, in FL Today? “The Intelligent Designer” gave us this beautiful planet.
    We’re the ones with brains. And all you can do is cower in a corner & read the Koran?

  3. Ralph E. August 2, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    CHRIS – We must always bear in mind that when senile far-left groups repeat themselves to such a degree… repeatedly quoting Eisenhower, etc… that serious investigators are often tempted to resort to name-calling; I am one independent rascal that is guilty of foolishly using terms like “pinhead” to describe the UNIMPORTANT willfully blinded dupes that permiate and foul the political landscape. I’m sorry about that, sir.

    More importantly, I’m not certain of how much you have read on Valerie Jarrett’s motivation to enable her student, B. Hussein Obama to “change” this nation’s direction to fit the Markist-Leninist dream of world conquest, or if you know or read about Jarrett’s Communist Enabler
    MARILYN KATZ? She’s an old SDS radical, ‘New America Movement” NAM Leader, and a close associate of Valerie Jarrett. It’s a virtual nest of poisonous vipers!

    See — > “ObamaCare: The Other Socialist Connection (Meet Marilyn Katz)”
    by Ben Johnson — Also, John Perazzo of FrontPageMag has “The Communists Behind Obama’s HealthCare Goals” They boldly name the names.

    ‘Illigitimi Tatum Non-Carborundum’ – Don’t let the bastards gring you down. Stay Vigilant. – reb

    ___ ___

    • Chris August 2, 2012 at 11:30 pm #

      I am getting a kick out of seeing a raving lunatic answer posts directed at me, Ralph. It makes me laugh when I shouldn’t, as the country goes down the drain under der Fuhrer Obama.

  4. Amy Rosebush August 2, 2012 at 11:15 pm #

    Meanwhile, I managed to never address a dig on my character. I deserve a few minutes of free time for showing such self control. Yeah for me. Maybe Taekwondo IS helping. Feel free to leave scathing and hateful comments or brilliant and endearing ones. I will read up on the subject and talk to adults about it when I am done.

    Bye now.

  5. Ralph E. August 3, 2012 at 5:09 am #

    Snake Hunter at the end of another busy day…

    It’s interesting to have lived in such an evolutionary time… of fast cars and lovely girls;

    Of religious scholars that teach the history of grim holy wars, and the power madness of cynical politicians accepting huge donations from manipulating billionaires, and saudi royals
    with multi-million dollar gifts for Georgetown U and Harvard Law… to buy their souls…

    Ahh, there’s ‘branch of roses’ again; imagine a gifted rose with a thorn on two sides. So little time left, and so much yet to speed-read… then throw away.


    Coquette was she with cunning art, her conquests brisk and brief……..

    Yet fom the poor rose in her heart, each lover stole a leaf

    And when at last they ceased to woo, and life seemed so bereft

    There came a blinded mortal who… won all the thorns they left.


    That’s Life, filled with joys and sadness, and topped off with hypocracy.
    It’s late, time for a spot of apricot brandy. Goodnite all. – reb

    ___ ___

    • Chris August 3, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

      Ahhhh. Ralph, I did not know you were a poet at heart. Well done.

      I wonder how the “tolerant” Islam loving disconnected to reality folks can justify the dear leader of Iran asking for a world wide agreement to exterminate Israel? Hey, what is a few more million dead Jews among Muslim buddies?

      Well, time for me to go and get my Chick-fil-A jones on. Pun intended..lol.

  6. Ralph E. August 3, 2012 at 5:22 pm #

    CHRIS – So, you enjoy poetry too. Pop these into your Search Line:

    a) Horatius At The Bridge… for a poetic example of human courage;

    b) The Hell-bound Train — My Favorite for Scaring the Wits out of Chistians, Jews, Atheists And Agnostics, Red Men and Yellow, Black, Brown and White — > Also, Handsome Young Ladies and Withered Old Hags… all Chained Together, Oh, God what a Sight ! ….

    Note: If you can’t find (Item b) Let me know, and I’ll reproduce this classic from memory, on a Past Post of my blog…. or right here with Marshall’s Permission Only… Because it’s just a bit long. Cordially, reb

    ___ ___

    • Chris August 3, 2012 at 9:55 pm #

      Will do Ralph. Appreciate the heads up. Of course I could read Triple Cross or Charlie Wilson’s war. Seems like a good way to be brainwashed into uber leftist, socialist, communist, nazi thinking.


      Still working on a trip to Tennessee. Wanting to meet and enjoy a fine vintage of the grape. Or out of a black box…not so bad, too.

      C J

  7. reality August 3, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    Ralph doesn’t want to hear quotes from Dwight Eisenhower, the last Republican president to send balanced budgets to Congress? Who was plagued by extremists warning of Commies coming to bury us? Guess what? “We won”, said Reagan, and I thought all of you believed that. But if Reagan signed a secret “finding”, telling the CIA to use “all means possible” to get the Soviets out of Afghanistan, then again, we turned victory into 9/11 by teaching 17th century Mujahideen how to shoot down armored helicopters using our satellites. “Charlie Wilson’s War”, by George Crile. Full of facts.
    And Reagan worked hand in hand with the Saudi Sharia law-Madrassa school funders, and took their money to keep the Nicaraguan Commies from invading the U.S. The CIA even sent a plane to bomb the Nicaraguan airport. The agent had a CIA card in his pocket! “Secret Wars of the CIA, 1981-1987”, by Bob Woodward-facts from Tues, Sept. 11, 1973, Chile onward. And you want us to keep being led by the nose by the Military Industrial Complex. How many Abrams tanks do we have now? 60% of General Dynamics profits are due to TAXPAYER paid for contracts? How many other fake “private enterprise” companies get WAY more handouts than any “Welfare Queen”?

  8. Ralph E. August 4, 2012 at 3:46 am #

    Listen Up, LADY. I Voted For Harry Truman in 1948 and Eisenhower in 1952, and they were both Far Better than anything dim-bulbs like yourself can point to, coming out of those Dark, Stinko Chicago Political Sewer-pipes of Mayor Daley’s Windy City. It was Slum-lord Haven for Convicted Obama Friend, TONY RESKO…. but Another Slumlord, IS sitting in the White House now… O’Bla-Bla’s SENIOR ADVISOR FOR 20 YEARS, Ms VALERIE JARRETT… or Goofy Old Reverand Jeremiah Wright, or BILL AYERS & Doggie-wife BERNADINE DOHRN
    The Admitted TERRORIST BOMBERS, formerly with the SDS Terror Group, and Leaders of the WEATHER UNDER-GROUND, in the 1960’s. Buzzards of a Feather, Do Flock Together.

    You should move to that well- known Chicago, Murder Capital of the U.S.A. so you can Savor Their Polluted Atmosphere…
    Then, Call the E.P.A., and those “Community Organizers”… and A.C.O.R.N. Yeah Baby!


    P.S. Thanks, Ms Un-Reality… You Just Gave Me Another Opportunity to Publicly Name a Few More Of These FETID, PROGRESSIVE CHICAGO SLUGS. – reb

    ___ ___

  9. Ralph E. August 4, 2012 at 4:34 am #

    CHRIS J. – That Hell-Bound Poetry begins like this:

    “A drunken cowboy on a barroom floor, had drunk so much he could hold no more
    So, he fell asleep with a troubled brain, to dream that he rode… the hellbound train
    The engine, with murderous blood was damp, and brilliantly lit with a brimstone lamp
    An Imp, for fuel…was shoveling bones, and the furnace rang with a thousand groans.

    The boiler, was filled with lager beer, and the devil himself was the engineer… etc etc
    (for a dozen more of these mind-shattering, soul-searching paragraphs. Ouch! It might cause an MSNBC Guy like Chris Mattews… to get a warm-pee feeling… down his leg).

    ___ ___

    • Chris August 4, 2012 at 1:02 pm #

      You remind me of Barnard Hughes when he got well oiled and began reciting poetry in the movie Doc Hollywood. Very funny scene.

      Now Chris Matthews. The idea that he could actually refer to himself as a journalist is hysterically laughable. If you read Triple Wilson’s Charlie Horse War, you will understand the mind of someone like Matthews. Just sets one’s legs to tingling. LOL. Have a great day REB.


  10. reality August 4, 2012 at 3:06 pm #

    President George W. Bush sent Allen West and what ended up to be 100,000 American troops, into Iraq, to get rid of Saddam Hussein. The buck stops there. Over 3000 came home in a box, and over 13,000 Americans will suffer terrible wounds the rest of their lives. A small article in today’s Stuart news, says the same Bush administration gave AIG insurance company $182 BILLION in September 2008. American taxpayers were forced to buy all that AIG stock. Again, the Buck stops at Bush. But you’re doing like Hitler, transfering the anger to a scapegoat, Obama. It was the Jews, France, etc., stomping on Germany after WWI, that was to blame for Germany’s problems. Ike really did see a German concentration camp. Movie soldier Reagan claimed he was in the Signal Corps when one was liberated. He was in Hollywood the whole time. If you voted for Ike, how do you NOT like Obama, who wants to repair and renovate Ike’s Interstate? It is Repubs who are allowing Ike’s infrastructure to continue to deteriorate, and who are continuing to throw real money at the fake economy of the Military Industrial Complex.

  11. Ralph E. August 4, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    If the USA did not have a solid Military Industrial Complex after WWII, today’s braying liberal jack-asses would be in chains, forged by a totalitarian dictatorship.


    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said: “ISLAM WILL WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP!” — The Pinheads of this World… IGNORE these Clear Intentions… to FIRST SUBDUE, then ANNIHILATE all Non-believers “with every strategem of war” (Read their holy book — > Qur’an 9.5)

    As we have seen, today’s Socialist/Progressive Followers are so willing to defend the great pretender & chicago celebrity hero, to allow his most-trusted, senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett and Marilyn Katz (both having long histories of COMMUNIST AFFILIATIONS) to set a course designed to purposely bankrupt this nation. Witness three cities in California, and one city in Pennsylvania that have already filed, hoping the Obama Administration will Bail Them Out.

    Fake Economy, you say? – Socialism is the Failed Economy. – What Fools We Mortals Be!

    Rest assured that when – Ike’s Interstate System Needs Repair – the taxpayer’s money will be there to do the job under a Romney, free-enterprise, business-friendly environment, where solid folks prefer paychecks, and a willingness to pay Taxes, rather than be forced to accept unemployment checks… and food stamps.

    Watch the Rassmussen Polls as we get closer to November 6th… That’s the Day the Aware Voters… Will Haul Out The Chicago Trash! – reb

    ___ ___

    • Chris August 4, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

      REB…when you are right, you are right. And, you are right. Convincing those that have consumed LARGE quantities of the KoolAid, however, is a lost cause. Facts mean nothing to them. Heck you can read it in Charlie Horse’s Triple Chicken War…

      C J

  12. Ralph E. August 5, 2012 at 12:27 am #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    Decades ago, I was discussing the “liberal mentality” of the willfully blinded liberal elite with a dear friend, Lucian Wallace Armour (a noble castaway from the Armour Meat-packing family) and brother Lew opined, “God loves these odd people, they’re just folks that never could make the ‘Liberty and Justice For All Team’… they simply don’t have the backbone!”

    We lived tn the Mojave High Desert for 29 yrs… 14 of them in 29 Palms, and 15 yrs in Yucca Valley, and Brother Lew was the most complex person we’d ever met!

    Lew had vast experience dealing with a variety of people; he had worked in hollywood in both radio, and some television… knew many biggies in the entertainment industry. A profound thinker, and a humble person too.

    We so miss “Brother Lew”… he was my senior by ten years, and Nell & I miss his Intense Goodwill for All People, with his ‘joy of living’ and upbeat humor! He was most impatient with Political Hypocrites and the local “Pious-Poopers” — Ya just gotta love a man like that! – reb

    ___ ___

  13. Ralph E. August 5, 2012 at 6:49 am #

    Marshall Frank, this blog’s administrator, politely asks his guests to “please keep comments pertinent to the title issue”… OBAMA’s FOREIGN POLICY…and the body of the article deals in considerable numbers of muslim-on-muslim suicidal murders Shiite Vs Sunni, and the reverse in IRAQ…. also in SYRIA the identical Muslim-on-Muslim Killings, 18,000 victims in 18 Months… without any serious action or protestations from the Obama Advisors in the White House

    Obama hints to the Russians that he’ll have more “flexibility”… after the November Elections.

    Coptic Christian Churches burned and destroyed in Alexandria, Egypt and The Muslim Brotherhood Thugs killing and beating innocent victims in public, and raping women and young girls, with no prosecujtions from the Shari’a Courts. That’s par for the course since the Hosni Mubarak regime has been ousted, the Christian and Jewish people are easy marks for murder and intimidation.

    Marshall’s article lists 20 points for comments…on “Obama’s Foreign Policy’ and what does our host get from Ms Un-reality’s first comment?

    Hitler, Churchill, W’s Granddaddy, IBM Computer Cards and her favorite… President Eisenhower’s “Military-Industrial-Complex… EEeee GADS GERTIE… ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Now, can we get back to — > Obama’s Foreign Policy (crafted by Val Jarrett), and Marshall’s
    Twenty (Related and Ignored) Talking Points? – reb

    ___ ___

  14. Amy Rosebush August 5, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    Ha ha ha…..Sorry Marshall. I did digress as well. I am not educated enough on the subject to ask intelligent questions yet. I was digressing in the normal course of conversation. I will get back to this at some later point after I have done some reading.

  15. reality August 5, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

    Obama’s foreign policy killed Osama bin Laden, finally. Obama, like Ike, recognizes the insanity of war in a nuclear age. Krushev is dead. We don’t live under Communism. But One Million Americans live behind bars, in cages, many of them because they smoked, sold, or had a “conspiracy” with 2 friends to do either, with Marijuana, a plant “The Intelligent Designer” put all over the earth. Americans also live under threat of submitting to a strip search, then having to squat and “hop like a bunny”, if they are stopped for a traffic violation. Heck, even growing Hemp, like TJ and George Washington did, is forbidden. “When”? Ike’s bridges need repair? You’ve got to be kidding? Repubs already said NO! The MN bridge already fell down, and another fell into the Mississippi river. Saveourbridges.com is in the WSJ reprint in our Stuart news today. I haven’t checked it yet. (Al’s Emporium) But Repubs sure have the money to build anti-missile systems for Europe, because you’re all so terrified of Iran. “Home of the Brave”? Right.