AMERIKASTAN – Conquest From Within

Everly Books Publishing Group| December 2016
ISBN: B01N5A1IXP | Paperback: $17.98 | eBook: $6.99

“AMERIKASTAN – Conquest From Within” screams of political incorrectness pointing to the peril of Islamic religious ideology via jihad to convert and conquer America, and the world. This book eliminates all controversy and wipes the thin-line between Islamic fundamentalism and moderate Islam, as both feed on the same religious nourishment form the Quran, bowing to the Hadith, while wailing to the rise of Sharia — the Islamic law. The author reveals the nefarious decrees of secreted manifestos as commanded by major jihad organizations which inexorably spell out the mission, objectives and methods being carried out today, “from within,” laying the groundwork for ultimate conquest of the west.



“Marshall Frank cuts through the myths, misconceptions, and deliberate obfuscations surrounding Islam and it history, bringing the reader face to face with the true doctrine of the Islamic ideology of conquest and its plans to convert the world to Islam. Prepare to be shocked.” – Lee Boyland, author of numerous books on radical Islam

“A work that requires reading and understanding for the future of our country.” – Francis J. Clifford

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