MARSHALL FRANK is a retired captain from the Miami-Dade Police Department  where he spent the majority of his thirty years investigating homicides or commanding those who did.

Frank has traveled extensively across the country as a law enforcement/security consultant, instructor and lecturer on criminal justice. He is a member various professional law enforcement and writers organizations.

Since retiring, Frank has authored 15 books, seven fiction and eight non-fiction. Three of his fiction books have been contracted for movie rights.  His latest non-fiction release by Everly Books, “Amerikastan: Conquest From Within” is a well-researched chronicle of how the radical forces of global Islam are conspiring to conquer western civilization. 

Frank has also authored over one-thousand articles in magazines and newspapers, and is a frequent editorial contributor to Florida Today, in Brevard County, Florida. He maintains a blog site where he posts stimulating articles about a myriad of subjects, from politics, crime, social issues, radical Islam and even motion pictures. His blogs generate many controversial responses. Visit and click on “Frankly Speaking.”

He is also a frequent guest speaker at libraries, civic organizations, conferences and private clubs, plus an entertaining violinist with his piano partner, Doctor Jay Barnhart, a retired medical examiner. They are usually booked as “The Dick-Doc Duo.”

He lives in Melbourne, Florida, with his wife, Suzanne, who is a sculptor artist. He has five grown children by a previous marriage.

Frank holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.