A Boy Who Mattered – Examining the Roots of Drug Addiction

Independently published July 30, 2019
ISBN: 9781080157594 | Paperback: $14.95

In “A Boy Who Mattered” author Marshall Frank draws the reader into the pathetic life of his firstborn son, Bennett, who entered the drug world before his teens, turned on by a family member. This ultimately opened the doors of dependency sickness, failure and homelessness that profoundly affected many others, friends and family, for forty years. This particular saga focuses on the root causes of dependency and what could be done about it. Hopefully, this story will guide abusers and loved ones on options of how to combat this dreaded disease. If but one human being is saved, Bennett’s struggle will not have been in vain.

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“A moving and loving account by the father of a homeless drug addict. With brutal honestly, Marshall Frank reveals the depth of love and despair experienced by him and his son, Bennett Frank, as they travel a dark and life-long journey into an unforgiving abyss. A sad tale of a child lost to mental illness, drug abuse, and difficult family circumstances..” – Dr. Valerie Allen, Psychologist

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