Light entertainment, humor and good music is performed by the “Dick-Doc Duo” of Melbourne, Florida. What makes these men a pair of unlikely musicians is their unique careers in fields of public service completely unrelated to music.

Violinist Marshall Frank, a retired Homicide “Dick” from Miami-Dade County who spent thirty years investigating murders with the aid of the Medical Examiners’ Office. Now, in addition to authoring books and articles, Frank now plays gigs with his pianist partner, Dr. Jay Barnhart.  Frank studied classical violin since the age of seven and was a past member of the Broward County Symphony for three years as a First Violinist.

Pianist, Jay “Doc” Barnhart is a retired physician and forensic pathologist who served fifteen years as an assistant medical examiner in Miami-Dade County, performing autopsies and conducting investigations into the cause of more than three thousand deaths. He now spends his time fishing, conducting nature tours in Brevard County, and playing musical gigs with Marshall Frank.

The Dick-Doc Duo discovered each other in 2006 and have since combined their talents into a fun-loving forum where Gypsy, Tango, Broadway Shows, Movie Themes, Ethnic and Classical music enlightens audiences in senior nursing homes, churches and libraries.

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The “Dick Doc Duo”, consisting of Violinist Marshall Frank, a retired Homicide “Dick” from Miami-Dade County, and Pianist “Doc” Jay Barnhart, a retired medical examiner, performed at Cocoa Beach Library on March 4th, 2008, and received one of the library’s very rare standing ovations. Cocoa Beach Public Library puts on about 26 musical programs per year, and few receive the accolade that the duo commanded.

I would highly recommend this duo to any organization, and can guarantee that the audience experience will be positive.

Margot Gould, Cocoa Beach Library