iUniverse, December 1999 – ISBN 1-58348-624-0

Loosely based on true events, this is a compelling novel which addresses the problem of brutality and corruption that has stained virtually every major police agency in the United States in the twentieth century. This stark eye-opener reveals how pervasive abuse of power can survive inside a law enforcement organization which is mired in bureaucratic detail and the blind ambition of its members.

Follow the probationary year of a young rookie cop assigned to the steamy rural areas of south Miami-Dade County, Florida where he is faced with the choice of being a rat or turning a blind eye to preserve his career while being trained by over-the-hill officers who dispense street justice the old fashioned way. Murder, deceit, perjury, suspense, near-death experiences and even romance enter into his short tenure as Ira. J. Harvey loses nearly everything dear to him, including his self respect.

Sparked by a colorful array of powerful characters from all sides of the fence, this story will chill any reader who cares to know the truth about the “blue wall of silence” and what can be done to change the system, told by a retired career captain from Miami who lived it, smelled it, survived it and wrote about it.

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