A FRANK MOVIE REVIEW: “Four Good Days” – 9.0



     “FOUR GOOD DAYS” – 9.0


In a word:  Depressing

     But, not in a bad way, because the messages are clear and powerful, worth a viewing for millions of people in this country whose lives are in constant upheaval burdened with the stark realities of drug addiction. The story not only unveils the pervasive, path of the addict, but moms, dads, sisters, brothers, lovers, employers, doctors, friends, cops and fellow street dwellers. It touches everyone in the addict’s world, and beyond.

     Riveting as it may be, this is also a simple story that will touch the hearts of so many who are seemingly helpless despite the flood of love and assistance that is offered. Glenn Close, eight times a nominee for an Oscar, deftly plays the role of Mom, whose life had its own set of whirlwind struggles, while trying to finally put her 31 year-old daughter’s (Molly) path toward self-destruction behind her as a hopeless endeavor. Regardless, the depth of love and pain is never abandoned.

     Not surprisingly, the movie is based on a true story and deeply motivated by the air of realism  

     The acting, which must have been the toughest of roles, is superb. Molly, the addict, is performed by journeyman actress, Mila Kunis, no newcomer to television and movies, and winner of numerous awards minus the best known: Oscar. This is a wonderful, realistic performance surely worth a nomination for an Academy Award. Movie lovers may remember her as ballet dancer in 2010’s Black Swan, for which she earned a Best Supporting Oscar nomination.

     The film’s title “Four Good Days” pertains to a special recovery and treatment program from which users had benefitted.

     Warning. This movie can stir deep emotions for parents, spouses, kids, etc. many of whom have lived and lost the battles of addiction. But it is also a learning experience worth viewing, not just by the users, but those who also love them.

     I know. I happen to be one of those.

     I give this movie 9.0 out of 10.

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