I am a registered independent. While most of my views are generally in line with the Republicans, I do tend to side with Democrats when I agree with their points of view. For example, my feelings about Capital Punishment would be more in line with Democrats.

With presidential elections, voters seem to be more concerned about the persona of candidates, than the factors they represent, or what’s best for Americans. Candidates on both sides are beholden to financial supporters, which are not always best for the nation, but best for the donors.  Politicians, I feel, are too often putting integrity aside if it’s a matter of winning or losing.

It’s not so much about corruption of the candidates, as it is, corruption within politics. It’s a natural outgrowth of a system that manipulates political gain via the almighty dollar.

While Donald Trump is often seen as ego-maniacal, I am convinced that his goals, as president, are the least egregious as compared to most politicians in the political theater where money is everything. He is by far, the most accessible president in my lifetime, always willing to field questions from media, whether scheduled or not.  He is repeatedly willing to talk to the people of America. He is the richest of presidents, as are his family members, which assures me – to some extent – that his motives for decisions and policies are untainted by corruption and greed.

Issues aside, we now have two candidates to choose between. Here is my short evaluation.

We are not just voting for one person to be a president. We are voting for the massive political machines that come with them. Along with the candidate, come the supporters, the debts, the domestic and international finance machines, world affairs, and cabinets, lawyers and leaders who make up a very complicated government. I will vote for the candidate who is least indebted to the political well, and who truly has the best interests of Americans at heart.

Joe Biden is a nice guy. But he has his debts to pay like any politician, which might not always be in the best interest of Americans. I see Mr. Trump as owing far less to outsiders. Much like a child, he mainly wants to hear approval, gratitude and a report card of accomplishments.

I’ve been attentive to the reports of Joe Biden’s mental acuity, which has been questioned by many. For a while, I dismissed the accusations that he was slow, or stupid and confused, because it just sounded like political smearing. But as time has passed, I’ve come to feel badly for Biden because I think he is a decent man about to enter into a daily rat-race he’s ill equipped to handle. That’s not good for him, or the nation. And if he cannot match up to the daily grind of presidential demands, he should not be there.

The link below is a little more than two minutes long. It stars Joe Biden in various speaking dates. As you pass through the various scenes, ask yourself, do you really want this man – nice as he is — to be in a position to be running the country, and all that it demands. For sure, if he should get elected, the chances (in my opinion) are strong that he will not be able to withstand the mental trauma.  Frankly, I would be worried for the nation considering who might replace him. 

It’s a very serious situation.

Must See: Joe Biden Proves How Lucid He Is: Without A Teleprompter, Script Or Interrupting Staffer – YouTube


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