It is rare that I will praise a new book release. But The Year of Dangerous Days is truly a great read, particularly for those who have followed the course of law enforcement and struggles with civil disobedience and crime in Miami in 1979 and 1981.

     Nicholas Griffin, a first-class writer, has authored four fiction novels, and three books of non-fiction. His new book, published by Simon and Schuster, has just been released. I finished it in two days, probably because so much of the content was familiar to me, when I was captain of Homicide in the late 1979 and into the 1980s when the world seemed to go crazy, with the business of drug crimes and bad guys out of control, the McDuffie killing by cops and the riots that followed, murder rates topping the national charts following the Mariel Boat Lift when 125,000 new and destitute residents landed at our shores, plus internal investigations of police officers suspected of corruption which led to FBI intrusion and indictments of cops.

     Old-timers and/or relatives and friends who lived through this era, will certainly find the book a gripping read. I thank Mr. Griffin for acknowledging me and what assistance I could offer – amid scores of other contributors — within a very complicated task.

     The book is available at book stores and, in hard cover as well as Kindle.

     To my friends, past and present, who lived through the era, be prepared for some eye-openers.

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