Before going any further, I hope my readers will absorb some of the scenes depicted in the following video.  It’s not about Hillary Clinton, but the chronic accusations against police who, every day, every year, occupy the front lines serving and protecting people. Insurgents would have us all believe that systemic racism is a product of a hate-filled white America and that police officers are the most serious violators. In truth, Hillary is just another politician who pandered to a large voting block, which is what politicians do…whether true or not. It’s the election that matters, not reality.

This is less than two minutes, but you’ll get the point.  Watch…



Dealing with violence is part of a cops job. Every day, especially in big cities, police are on guard, not only from physical harm, but by haters in general. Of course, there will always be incidents of conflict when police officers are doing their duty which translates to unwanted confrontations and, sometimes, lifelong consequences. Once in a great while, the situation gets out of control and people get hurt, from both sides of the tracks.

From all accounts, there is little doubt that Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin committed a heinous crime, killing 46 year-old George Floyd unnecessarily. People on all sides of the political spectrum are rightfully outraged, but I have a major problem when anyone legitimizes out-of-control rioters and insurgents who engage in civil disorder by destroying property, buildings, cars and homes. They are not protesters, as the media calls them. They are criminals as well. Who is there to protest the protesters?

Racism forever clouds the news and the facts when the racial make-up of a disputable incident occurs. Having lived the police life for 30 years in a hot-bed like Miami, I am confident in saying that racial motives for killing situations is extremely rare.  When a case erupts like George Floyd’s, (which does not look good) I would surmise there’s probably far more to that story that has yet been revealed.  Violent protesters are generally rooted from various anti-American organizations hell-bent on destroying or conquering our nation from within, as many have promised, including radical Islam, hard-core socialists and the far left, communists. If anyone really thinks these insurgencies are spontaneous, I’ve got some palm trees to sell in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Though cops respond to hazardous situations every day, (Every Day!) relatively few result in death. 800,000 police officers from some 18,000 law enforcement agencies serve people of all ethnic and racial make-ups. If only one-tenth of one percent of cop-related deaths were determined to be criminal, we must also consider the millions of dangerous calls they respond to yearly. FBI sources tell us that police make over 10 million arrests per year. 

     The 9-1-1 system handles 500,000 (average) calls a day. It’s not surprising that a wayward cop may emerge now and then. But that’s no excuse for violently seizing and ruining the lives of innocent citizens and public servants.

     Consider these stats:

  • In a 28-year study by the Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5 percent of all homicides. Whites: 45.3 percent. The offending rate for blacks has been nearly eight times that of whites. That’s not a racist conclusion, it’s a fact.
  • Per the Department of Justice, over a ten-year period, blacks accounted for 57 percent of gun murders. Blacks make-up 13 percent of America. Are the FBI statisticians racist?
  • According to the Bureau of Justice, blacks comprise nearly 37 percent of the nation’s prison population, while 12.5 percent of the general population.
  • Author/journalist, Heather McDonald’s recent article in the Washington Post concludes, the police fatally shot 9 unarmed blacks and 19 unarmed whites in 2019. Those unarmed black victims, makeup 0.1 percent of all African Americans killed in 2019. Systemic?  I think not.

     Some reporters never fail to remind us about past police behavior, as if to suggest “white” cops belong to some nationwide cabal to kill black people. That’s absurd. It’s simply not true. Perhaps in 1950, but not in 2020. We must be cautious and vigilant against wrongfully attaching racial connotations to any action, whether by police or civilians.

There is no evidence to conclude that Trayvon Martin’s death in 2014 was truly an episode of racism. Same with Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson and many others. We, the citizens, must stop the automatic attachment of racial connotations to every mixed race killing. And the media must do their share of reporting the truth, rather than stirring hatred through biased reporting.

     I was a cop in Miami-Dade for thirty years, and I can tell you, unequivocally, that ALL lives matter. It is an insult to whites, Asians, Latinos to constantly allude to black lives mattering, when in fact, all of us matter.

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