“He’s a racist! She’s a racist!” Everyone’s a racist”

     When hating cannot be justified, haters resort to “racism” to denote what they cannot describe otherwise. Today, it is the most abused word in the English language.

     Recently, CNN host, Don Lemon peered into the camera and declared, “Donald Trump is a racist.” That has been echoed often in the media, particularly on cable news networks, CNN and MSNBC. In May of 2017, only four months into Trump’s presidency, The Washington Examiner released a study citing political attitudes toward the president, in which 92 percent of air time was devoted toward berating Donald Trump. And that includes repetitive allegations he is a racist.

     In July of this year, the rhetoric has not waned. Rather, it has intensified in the wake of political power-plays by four rookie congresswomen who have made no secret that they hold prejudicial attitudes toward others unlike them, particular the president, and let fly with citing “racism” as the predominant term to label those who are opposed to their politics. Meanwhile, they never fail to refer to their identities as “women of color,” as though it had anything to do with anything.

     Why do politicians, pundits, and media personnel continually cite “racism” when describing anyone who thinks differently than they?  Answer: Because it draws attention, truth-be-damned.

     Adolf Hitler made references to the power of lying in his book Mein Kamph. His number two Nazi, Joseph Goebbels, has been attributed to the same tenet, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

     President Trump certainly has his share of faults, but “racism” is not one of them. Cite any neutral-minded person who has had business or political dealings with the president, and they will usually say that he has no racist attitudes toward anyone. Trump’s accomplishments in assisting the plight of black minority needs in less than three years have been remarkable. Here are a few examples that the biased media avoids telling us:

  • Lowest unemployment rate for blacks ever.
  • 9 million people lifted from food stamps
  • Declaring M.L. King’s birthplace a national historic park.
  • Overhauling criminal justice to provide opportunities for non-violent inmates ending long sentences. This affects thousands of black offenders.
  • Praised and supported by numerous blacks in business, politics, and news media including: Robert Johnson, founder and CEO of BET, Herman Cain, former presidential candidate, Col. Allen West, former Congressman; Thomas Sowell, renowned columnist; Larry Elder, talk-show host; Condoleeza Rice, former Sec. of State; Starr Parker, columnist; Professor Walter Williams, columnist; Republican Senator Tim Scott; Candice Owens, rising pundit and TV personality; author Dr. Alveda King, (MLK’s niece); Charles Payne, business journalist; and many more.
  • Rasmussen polls in July of 2019 show Trump’s favorability numbers rising to 50 percent. A Pew Research poll in found that Trump has more than doubled his appeal to black voters, from 6 percent to 14 percent.

     All this in the wake of the ubiquitous “racist” tag among the opposing party and news pundits which, in truth, makes the users appear more prejudiced and dishonest.

     I remember racism well, starting as a rookie cop in segregated Miami in 1960. THAT was racism, when blacks could not reside where they wished, nor gain employment, nor sit in the front of a bus or use a water fountain while banned from certain hotels and restaurants only because they were a darker color. Today, blacks have come a long way becoming equally prominent as whites and other minorities in arenas of wealth, power and influence, including sports, entertainment, politics, businesses and etc.

     The majority party in Congress has squandered nearly three years focused mostly on impeaching a duly elected president, rather than attending to their elected mission: Passing laws, expanding jobs, working on national security, infrastructure, enforcement and international relations. That’s what they are paid to do. We, the taxpayers are being wronged by politicians who cannot, or will not, do their jobs. 

     Other than an occasional bigot here and there, institutional “racism” is essentially dead in America. It is only the liars and power mongers who work at keeping it alive because it feeds into political agendas. It’s time to put the term to rest.

     To a fault, President Donald Trump tends to let fly from his mouth whatever comes into his head. That’s about as transparent as one can get. But there is nothing he has said or done that can honestly be attributed to anything close to racism.

     Enough already.