A FRANK MOVIE REVIEW: (SHAFT (2019) – 3 (M. Frank)

Shaft  (2019)  –  3 out of 10.


In a word:  Ridiculous


First of all, if you don’t like violence and filthy language, don’t see this movie. There is plenty of both, to a point of gross excess, including lines spoken by little kids. I would estimate the “F” and MF” words are in play at least 200 times in the film or more…which is a distraction from whatever the plot was intended to be. With little exception, the screenwriting is pathetic. They should read a dictionary and see if there are other adjective words in English besides “F”.

     Yes, we are accustomed to lots of violence in movies, particularly those produced and directed by Hollywoodites who espouse anti-gun sentiments in their off-screen lives. In this film, there must be at least seven to ten wild shooting exchanges with no less than a barrage of a thousand rounds fired, or more, involving multiple actors using repeating rifles. Ironically, the good guys always got away unscathed, including Jackson, while the bad guys are all killed. Amazing what lousy shots they are.

     Shaft (2019) is the fifth in a series since 1971. Here, based in Harlem which he knows well, Samuel L. Jackson plays a middle-age cool-dude tough guy, who had just met his long-lost son (Jessie Usher) who is supposed to be an employee of the FBI. The two bond as they go investigate a case involving the death of Usher’s best friend. Usher’s performance is amateurish in the shadow of Jackson. And, his lines and demeanor are not even close to realism.

     Usher’s interaction with his FBI boss at headquarters is also way over the top, nowhere near authenticity. He comes across like a lost kid in a grown-up world.

     A few funny lines save the movie from total idiocy. I hope they don’t make another.

I give this a 3 out of 10.

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