We’ve lived in the best of times. We should be thankful.

     This is about having a great day this past Sunday, when the patriotic aura among Americans got caught up in the moment, without prompts.

     Yes, gone are the days when we would see all Americans, of all colors, ages, ethnic background, religions and sexual orientations, stand to express their love of country. Yes, we are imperfect and mistakes are made, and individual prejudices exist to be sure, but when comparing the USA to the rest of the planet, I’ll take our freedoms and opportunities before any other nations in the world.

     Retired Medical Examiner, Dr. Jay Barnhart and myself have been entertaining and playing at private clubs, civic organizations, libraries, assisted living facilities and many other private stages for the last twelve years, a couple old-timers with long careers in public service who still like to play with their toys.

    His toy is a piano. Mine is a violin. Our mothers forced us to practice and take lessons when we were kids, and we are forever grateful. We came to call ourselves the Dick-Doc Duo, a former Homicide “Dick” and Medical “Doc.” People love us because they see how much we enjoy music and the smiles from people in the audience.

     The key is to have fun, not being so serious. We may include audiences in our repertoire, often playing requests from the old days, or presenting a myriad of genre, including love songs, Movie themes, Broadways hits, ethnic stuff like Gypsy, French, Spanish, Irish whatever, even a mix of George Gershwin or Stephen Foster. Yes, we can also do classical…in which we never make mistakes (ahem).

     One of our most memorable on-stage moments came last Sunday, February 17, 2019, at the Cocoa Beach Library which was filled to capacity, as it is every year when we’re invited to entertain. It was a particularly good day as this audience was truly engaged. “La Vie en Rose,” asked one lady, who then sobbed when we played that song. “Fiddler on the Roof,” was one request as was “Ashokan Farewell” from the Civil War television series. Many more.

     It was time to finish. We always wrap up with a tribute to our beloved country. After thanking everyone for being there, we embarked on a rendition of “America The Beautiful.” No sooner than the first line was played, and without prompts, every human being in the room rose to their feet and joined in singing the song of America. The moment was so genuine, my hair rose on my arms.

     Yes, we have lived in the best of times.

Here’s a brief cell phone video of that moment (URL):