THE WIFE  – 9.0

In a word:  Compelling

     If you prefer movies with a lot of action, sex, violence, Sci-Fi or political correctness, do not see this movie. This is pure drama with superb acting on the part of the prime stars, Jonathan Pryce and Glenn Close, who already has landed a Golden Globe for her masterful performance, not to mention a number of other awards. And, yes, she’s up for an Oscar as well.

     Set in 1992, Connecticut, the story begins where John Castleman, a famed literary giant, receives a call from Sweden telling him he is being awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. He and wife Joan (Close) are elated and make their way to Stockholm for the grand awards.

     Meanwhile, the director brings us into flashbacks when these two lovebirds first met, wedded and established a harmonious relationship in which the wife helps and guides him through everyday living, more so than we could have imagined. The story expands to the young adult son who has issues with his careless father, and a few dalliances which The Wife is expected to ignore.

     The main plot surrounds a surprising revelation which sends all the main parties into an uproar. While the audience will admire the achievements and skills of the main character (Pryce) we begin to admire his wife more, for reasons I won’t expose in this review. See the movie.

     As deep dramas often go, there are a few slowdowns that would prevent this story from being rated a full 10. But for drama lovers, that did not impede the interest of this story for myself or my wife. This is a first-class lesson for students in film acting school.

     We attended this film as a stand-alone feature in a city outside of Melbourne as it’s still yet to be fully released.

     I give it a 9 out of 10. 

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