COLD PURSUIT  –  4   (Out of 10)

In a wordAmateurish

     This was supposed to be thriller/revenge story with Liam Neeson at the head of the cast, followed by nothing other than amateurs, poor writing and dumb directing. I’d like to have a dollar for every time I’d groan with a pair rolling eyes. Oh give me a break.

     The setting is in the areas around Denver during the cold winter. Neeson’s grown son, had been abducted and killed by drug cartel people. This incensed Neeson to the point of embarking on a retribution campaign, but not until he was caught trying to blow his own brains out with a shotgun…which was never explained. Never mind that his marriage was over, apparently because the obsessed Neeson could no long communicate on a normal level.

     The story brings in a myriad of characters, including tribal chieftains, organized crime tough guys, oriental women, and a pair of investigative cops that must have come from Keystone. Kidding aside, two local police officers working in a small town outside Denver become the top investigators of things they don’t know what they are investigating. For diversity, they include one young beautiful woman and another old timer who doesn’t want to be bothered. Some of the lines were simply terrible.

     In one out-of-whack scene amid all the criminal and chieftain shooting episodes, two of the bad guys, one young, one older, start swapping spit in order to bring the gay dimension into the story line. It simply did not fit the scene.

     Among the bad guys were three or four guys that almost looked like twins, it was difficult at first to discern one from the other. The top boss, looked like he was cast from a college prep book, because he seemed more like a college senior attending Yale and pretending to be an actor

     From a cop’s perspective and a movie buff perspective, this was a ridiculous effort in forming an action movie.  The only reason it didn’t get a zero is Liam Neeson who was true to himself as a good actor with a bad cast and a worse script.   

     Save your money unless you’re a diehard Liam fan.

     I give this a 4 out of 10.

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