1. Did you know that 16 Muslim countries currently ban Israelis from entering?

         Click here: No one seems bothered with 16 Muslim countries where Israelis are banned | The Muslim Issue


  1. Did you know that, according to the FBI, 19.8% of hate crimes are based on religious bias. Among the categories, first place for victims, by a large margin were acts of anti-Jewish with 50.3 percent. Muslim targets were a distant second place with 13.7 percent.

     Click here: FBI — Victims


  1. Did you know that the Muslim Brotherhood, which was supported by the Obama administration, is deemed a terrorist organization by six nations; UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Russia. It also supported Hamas and produced Osama Bin Laden.

     Click here: Muslim Brotherhood – Wikipedia


  1. Did you know that over 200 million girls in over 30 countries have been subjected to female genital mutilation, and that roughly three million girls a year will suffer the same fate (according to the World Health Organization). Since 1990, the number of girls subjected in the United  States has tripled. Efforts are underway to legalize FGM in various states, including Maine and Nevada, in which (unbelievably) some politicians are supporting. Women’s rights groups are mute on this subject.

     Click here: The alarming rise of female genital mutilation in America – CNN.com

Click here: WHO | Female genital mutilation (FGM)


  1. Did you know that some 20,000 females a year are subjected to Honor Killings (UNICEF). Other methods for prosecuting “Honor” violations include acid attacks, stonings and forced suicides. The statistical facts are horrifying, worldwide. Read the Wikipedia report (see link) for a comprehensive view of this terrible, mostly anti-woman mentality which includes a number of documented killings here in the U.S. Motives for killings include: failing to obey a forced marriage, romantic interaction with non-Muslim, wanting a divorce, being raped and leaving Islam. Women’s rights groups seem disinterested.

     Click here: Honor killing – Wikipedia


  1. Did you know that the Muslim Brotherhood has produced secret documents that spell out the step-by-step plan for conquering all non-Muslim lands, and more specifically that their goal is to “destroy western civilization from within.” Documents were recovered in law enforcement raids from a hidden room in a Virginia home in 2004 and introduced as  federal court evidence. See the link, pay particular attention to the highlighted paragraph on page 7 (English translation).

     Click here: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan For America – Court Document | Clarion Project Clarion Project


  1. Did you know about another secret document uncovered by Swiss authorities in 2001, which spelled out the step by step plans for infiltrating and conquering North America called “The Project?”

     Click here: www.onthewing.org/user/Islam – Muslim Brotherhood Project.pdf


  1. Did you know that the Muslim Brotherhood has helped form over thirty organizations in the United States that are to play major long range roles in the ultimate transition of Islamic conquest. One of them is CAIR (Council on American and Islamic Relations.) Another is the MSA (Muslim Student Association) which is a powerful influence over universities and colleges throughout America. Huma Abedin, the long time close aide to Hillary Clinton since 1996, was an active member of MSA during her time at George Washington University.  Here is the oath:
  • Allah is my Lord, Islam is my life
  • The Koran is my guide, the Sunna is my practice
  • Jihad is my spirit, righteousness is my character
  • Paradise is my goal, I enjoin what is right
  • I will fight against oppression, and I will die to establish Islam

Click here: Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood


  1. Did you know that the acts of terrorism are under reported because of frequency? That there have been over 31 thousand Islamic deadly terror attacks since 9/11/01 in which some 300 thousand people have been killed at random, most being Muslims. In the month of June alone, this year, 164 attacks have resulted in 1176 dead and another 1382 injured – in 30 countries. And the beat goes on…

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  1. Did you know that Islamic Arabs were the most prolific slave owners in human history. Here’s a quote from thereligionofpeace.com:

“The awful truth is that Arabs ravaged Africa for almost a thousand years before Europeans ever began to export black slaves.  In fact, it was the foundation of slave procurement and trading established by the Muslims (usually through Jihad) that enabled the European practice. Far more Africans were swallowed up in the fourteen hundred years of Islamic slave trading than in the three centuries of European practice.  An estimated 17 to 20 million Africans were exported from their native land to the Muslim world.” The article also cites how roughly one out of three survived the capture and transport.

Click here: Strange Brew: Islam and Black Pride


  1. Did you know that organizations exist that are trying to reform Islam into the modern world with the goal to assimilate and live in peace. We rarely hear about them, but they certainly deserve support. One of their leaders, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, of Arizona, appears often in news interviews and writings which offer a glimmer of hope that the future of Islam in America may be more positive, than negative.

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