We’ve been hearing more and more about the creeping intrusion of Sharia (Islamic) Law around Europe and North America. The Muslim Brotherhood’s doctrines, as laid out in many of their secret documents, sets out specific goals to conquer western civilization from within and establish Sharia Law, ultimately to replace the Constitution in future decades.

     England has been so overrun and intimidated by Islamists, that they capitulated in allowing “Sharia Zones” in various sectors of the country. This means, when you see a sign on a wall or post in Birmingham or Manchester, which states “You Are Now Entering a Sharia Zone” it is a warning that different laws exist in that neighborhood/region which are strictly enforced…and are separate and apart from British law. In essence, it’s like being inside a foreign country, while in a country. France has evolved similarly, as well as other sectors in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and other places. The target is western civilization in general.

     So what do we need to know about Sharia Law. Here’s one definition found in Wikipedia:

     “Sharia Law, or Islamic Law, is the religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. It is derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly from the Quran and the Hadith.”

     What are the laws?

     Well, there are many. So, let’s keep this short and start with: Blasphemy. Afghanistan and nine other countries (if you want to include Gaza) impose the death penalty for anyone who criticizes Islam. Twelve other countries will imprison anyone who criticizes Islam.

     Other laws and rules: 

  • Theft is punishable by forced amputation. Criticizing Mohammed is punishable by death.
  • Strict Islamic nations impose the death penalty for Apostates (leaving Islam).
  • Muslim men have sexual rights to all non-Muslim females when invading foreign countries.
  • A female rape victim must produce four eye witnesses when accusing any male of rape. They must also be males. Failure to do wo, can/will result in death by stoning for the rape victim (for adultery)
  • A man may marry a small girl child, but cannot consummate the marriage until the child is aged nine.
  • A wife can have one husband, but a husband can have four wives.
  • A man can beat his wife. (Q. Sura 4:34)
  • A female’s testimony in court carries ½ the weight of a male.
  • Acts of homosexuality are punishable by death. (Q. Sura 7:80 – 84)
  • Honor crimes – imposed mostly against women — are committed by fathers, brothers or husbands to preserve “honor” in the family. While these are not necessarily “Sharia Laws,” they are perpetrated (usually) without retribution as most folks look the other way.

In 2000, the United Nations, estimated that 5000 women a year are subject to honor killings, usually because the female dishonored the family/Islam in some manner, i.e., failing to wear a veil, dating a non-Muslim male, etc. According to the BBC, some 20,000 women are honor-killed each year, worldwide. Outside murder, other forms of punishment for such “crimes” include acid attacks, abductions, beatings and mutilation.

     Female genital mutilation is commonplace within at least 30 Islamic nations, a practice which entails the involuntary removal of genitalia to prevent arousal. UNICEF estimates at 200 million women today have been subjected to this process.

     As it seems, Sharia Law can very well be what a local radical, Imam or Dictator deems necessary for the moment. In some countries, Islamic men are entitled to “temporary wives,” which – translated – means a quickie for the night.

     I watched a horrific video in in a city street in Pakistan not long ago, in which a woman was chastised by the “religious police” for failing to wear her head covering properly. She was to be an example. She was made to sit in the sidewalk cloaked in her Abaya, as several citizens looked on (including police), when he took a pistol and arbitrarily fired one bullet into the top of her head, then walked away Ho hum. 

     In Syria and Iraq, ISIS soldiers made a ritual of bringing gay men to the roof of a building and heaving them over the side.

     This could be a very long blog…but I think the message comes across. Sharia Law is on its way. As long as we Americans, including the media and the far left in general keep making excuses for and encourage a burgeoning Islamic population, it will continue to impose more and more influence and power until our citizens look back and say, “Whoops, I think we screwed up.” It’s all about the gradual but certain influx of an Islamic culture making their way into domination of the western world…as they stated their intentions in the Explanatory Memorandum  penned by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1991.  England now has twenty members of Parliament who are Muslim, plus seven mayors of major cities including London and Birmingham. In the year, 2037, it will be much greater.

     The purpose of this report, is to hope that our political leaders, our laws and our social systems realize that the future enemy of our way of life is on our doorstep. No matter how many “moderate” Muslims we have, the fundamentalists have the power, the tenacity, the means, the money and the temerity to intimidate and follow-through their religious promise to establish Islam as the dominant way of life everywhere. When and if that happens, say goodbye to the Bill of Rights.  It will not likely happen in this lifetime, but it could very well affect our grandchildren in the ensuing decades.

 Thirty years ago, we (Americans) rarely heard the word “Muslim” or “Islam.”  It was a non-entity in our lives. That has all changed dramatically. Imagine the next thirty years, the inevitable changes…the growth, the power and the future of our country. 

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