Women’s rights? Well, of course we are all sensitive and supportive of women who deserve human rights, not only here, but around the globe.
     Or, are we? Folks would not know that if they had been witness to a recent congressional hearing.
     Some politicians bluster about the rights for women, but they are always selective, ensuring the subject matter is localized which does not speak for women throughout the world. It’s all about getting elected and staying in office and to keep that political cash rolling in.  
     In truth, multi-millions of Muslim women live under subservient conditions where the male gender (husbands, fathers, brothers) is religiously, legally and functionally superior to women. In some fundamentalist countries, females are basically of equal value to a camel.
     Rarely do we hear anything from politicians about the plight of women within the Islamic world and the tortures and indignations they suffer just for being born female.  They comprise roughly half of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the globe and they are rooted throughout most every country on earth…including Iceland, (of all places) which has one mosque.
     On June 14th of this year, a congressional hearing was held in Washington in which two prominent women with extensive background living under strict Islam were held. The testimony of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani (authors, teachers and intellectuals) was chilling, informative and deeply moving. Not only that, but they took great risks going public, because of the numerous death threats received. You can see some of it in this video (note the first 13 minutes)
      Click here: Senate Homeland Security Committee, w Ayaan Hirsi Ali (6-14-17) – YouTube
     When the witnesses completed their brief testimonies, Democratic Senate committee members, including four women senators — Claire McCaskill, Kamala Harris, Maggie Hassan and Heidi Heitkamp — ignored Hirsi Ali and Nomani during the question-and-answer session, never once directing a question to them.
     What was it they didn’t want to know?  What was it that the Democrat women senators were afraid of?  If they truly cared about women’s rights in the world, this was the golden opportunity to dig in and take a stand, bring it all out.
     What did they have to lose? Hmm.
     Even the liberal NY Times had something to say about this.  See link:
Click here: Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Q. Nomani Respond to Readers – The New York Times
     The listing of human rights abuse toward women could go on for pages, but let’s stick to a few examples of chronic rights abuse in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria and many others.

  • Honor killings
  • Child marriages
  • Polygamy
  • Sex slavery
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Wife beating
  • Unequal marital, divorce and custody laws
  • Rape laws favoring rapists

     Et Cetera
     Most Americans read this kind of material thinking “Well, that’s all over there, not here.” I have news for the uniformed: It may be a slow process, but in another generation or two, this will be a huge issue in America, just as it is today in England, France and Belgium…and even Germany, where creeping Sharia is slowly but surely altering the cultural and political landscape of Europe.  The skyrocketing birth rates and the liberal approach to immigration/refugee settlements will change all that.
     Just a religion, you say? Not exactly. Islam is a government, not just a religion. Sharia laws, which are basically incompatible with our constitution, would eventually prevail over any other laws much like they’re doing now in European nations in which the landscape posts signs: “You are now entering a Sharia Zone.”
     Twenty-five years ago, Americans in general knew little or nothing about Muslims and Islam. The words never crossed out lips. Today, those words are the dominant theme in world news. Twenty-five years ago, we would never have thought about violent invasions, fears of terrorism or even stealth jihad. Today, as the refugees continue to swarm into Europe and then, the U.S.., we have little or no power to alter the future wave of Islam, and under what conditions our granddaughters will have to live.
     Secreted documents (manifestos) penned by the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, explicitly declare their intent is to “Destroy Western Civilizations – From Within.”  (All this and more is detailed in my new book, “Amerikastan: Conquest From Within”)
     Sadly, today we think about the present and not the future. We care about today’s stock market and the agenda for the Supreme Court, Rap and Rock and Roll, but we don’t give a damn about the violations of human rights emanating out of fundamental Islamism.
     And that goes for the women on the Congressional Committee, who had an opportunity but didn’t give a damn about what Ayaan Hrsi Ali and Asra Nomani had to say. Almost like they weren’t even there.
     Who was happy?  CAIR – a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hmm. 
     That’s the future, folks.
     Women? Look ahead.
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