Barack Obama was the worst president in American history. That’s my humble opinion. And no, I am not a racist.      
     My opinions are based on what he did and did not do in office that affected America, or affected the free world and our allies. I’ll try to keep it short. (Not easy)
     On the international stage, nowhere is America, or the world, better off now than in 2009, which includes Russia, North Korea, Europe, Israel and virtually all of the Middle-East and North Africa. It’s all worse today than it was when Obama took office. Obama was great at speeches, photo ops and pandering to minorities and immigrants as a cool guy. But his motives and lack of achievements tell the real truth.
     Israel and its leadership, our staunch ally, were treated like crap by the administration. Obama was the first president to support Israeli boundaries back to the pre-1967 war, which we all know would be suicide for Israel. And, he oversaw the first time America did not support Israel in the UN Security Council by voting against the Jewish state. Countries like Iran, who have sworn to destroy Israel and constantly chant “Death to America,” were coddled and awarded huge favors by this president. The Iran deal provided our enemy (Iran), $1.5 billion plus a path toward building a nuclear arsenal, despite outrage and warnings by diplomats here and abroad. What a great president.
     Obama sided with the notorious Muslim Brotherhood when the Arab Spring erupted and Egypt ousted our 30-year ally, Hosni Mubarak, and helped install Mohammed Morsi, a leader within the Muslim Brotherhood…which is known to harbor a plan to destroy western civilization “From Within.” As of now, three other countries in the middle-east deem the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization that would impose strict Sharia. When the Egyptian people rose up against the installation of Sharia Laws, they went to the streets by the millions with huge signs everywhere despising and rebuking Hillary and Obama, calling them terrorists, because they supported a terrorist organization to run their country. When Morsi was finally ousted by the people and El Sisi was installed over a secular government, Obama and Hillary went into hiding. The Egyptian issue was never mentioned or defended again. 
     “Egypt? What Egypt? Did something happen?”
     Same with Bengazi. Anyone with an IQ of 40, knows that Obama and Hillary both lied about the motives for that assault which killed four Americans, yet they still had the gall to lie directly to the faces of families of the dead. The morning after the tragedy, Obama took charge of nothing. He didn’t lead. He didn’t send investigators to Benghazi. He did nothing. Rather, he absconded hours later to appear at fund raisers in Law Vegas, while Hillary provided the script for Susan Rice to lie to television hosts while she boarded one airplane after another, to hide.
     Great president?
     Never mind that Obama, as one of his first acts as president, and to the chagrin of allies like Poland and Ukraine, ordered the dismantling of the missile defense system in Eastern Europe which later opened the door for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. So who was it that coddled who?
     Never mind that Obama ignored every military commander who were vetted experts in the Iraq war debacle, who warned the president that a pull-out by American and allied forces would create a vacuum in which extremist groups like al Qaeda and ISIS would not only fill, they would create a genocide situation in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other places. Obama abandoned Iraq anyway, which ultimately resulted in the deaths of 500,000 people, plus genocide against Christians, Jews, homosexuals and thousands of indigenous Muslims – many tortured — who did not succumb to harsh Sharia. That’s not to mention hundreds of thousands, or millions, marching as refugees into Europe as well as North America.
     Yes, he did a helluva job.
     On the domestic front, we saw “Black Lives Matter” rise like a passionate movement against the very public servants (police officers) who answer three-million calls for service annually, who respond to violent situations, face dangers every day, often save lives and protect citizens, and on rare occasions, screw-up. This president and his racist allies like Sharpton and Eric Holder (the First Attorney General ever censured by congress for lying under oath) supported everything anti-police, including marchers that would chant “What do we want? Dead cops.” Better yet, “Pigs in a blanket, Fry them like Bacon.”  
     Black lives matter?  Well, the truth is, the only black lives that mattered to this administration were those who had the misfortune to lose their life in a police confrontation, that most often involved violent criminal actions. Blacks dying at the hands of other blacks don’t seem to matter, as statistics soar in those situations. In Obama’s home town alone, Chicago tallied 762 murders for 2016, or 63 per month, not to mention another 4,331 shooting victims by other blacks.
     When mayors, presidents or liberal media hear about the massive number of black on black murders, the response is little more than “ho-hum.” And little or nothing is done, proactively, by liberal politicians in Chicago, Baltimore and L.A. to stem that deadly tide.
     Meanwhile, poverty numbers for blacks did not improve under the eight years under Obama, while entitlements like food stamps increased. The rate of fatherless babies remains the same, forcing mothers to live off welfare as each fatherless child begets more welfare entitlements. In other words, nothing improved. Nothing is better.
     The border situation is tantamount to criminality, with a president who supports law-breaking cities by allowing, or inviting, illegals to wrongfully enter our country and in many cases, live off American taxpayers, either through entitlements, free services and/or crime. Never mind how it impacts American economic, educational, political, criminal and health care costs to American taxpayers. Law enforcement agencies have been screaming for eight years, that their hands have been tied by political correctness, unable to effectively enforce illegal immigration problems.
      Some folks tell us that Obama’s statistics for deportations are impressive. But, that does not take into account that the statistics are skewed by counting every turn-around at the border, as a “deportation.”
     We won’t even mention the Obama “Fast and Furious” gun selling program which helped criminal cartels improve their arsenals and ended up killing one Border Patrol officer. Is it any wonder that the Border Patrol…for the first time ever, announced their support for Republican candidate for president.
     Nor will we mention the pathetic management of the VA health care system, or the IRS focus on targeting conservatives in their select investigations. Nor will we address the outrageous orders to avoid mentioning Islam during training sessions for federal law enforcement agencies, and military.
     The unemployment job statistics are also skewed because they don’t take into account the numbers of unemployed who are no longer seeking work thereby don’t figure in the stats.
     None of the above takes into consideration the overt risks to national security. It’s common knowledge to those who stay abreast of government activity, that Mr. Obama had forged close ties with people connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, in some cases giving employment access to our most sensitive internal operational files in the Department of Homeland Security and other departments. This puts our country at great risk.  After all, it was the Muslim Brotherhood who have sworn to destroy us,…from within.
     (See link, below, re: penetration of the U.S. Government)
     I invite my readers to learn about the Explanatory Memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America, discovered hidden during a federal raid, which explicitly points out their primary objective is the ultimate destruction of our government, to be replaced with Islam. See link, below.
Click here: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan For America – Court Document « Clarion Project
Remember, the key words are: “From Within.”
     More details about these nightmares are explained in my book, “Amerikastan: Conquest from Within”…available from Amazon.com. Signed copies can be purchased through my web page, www.marshallfrank.com
     For the last twenty years, including her time as Senator and then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s closest advocate and personal assistant, has been Huma Abedin, a devout Muslim raised and schooled in Saudi Arabia. Miss Abedin served on the executive board for the MSA (Muslim Students of America) at George Washington University, an organization spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Her close family members, including mother, father and brother are all associated with the Brotherhood and/or Sisterhood.
     From Within.
     From Within.
Yes, I’m plugging the book…not for the money, but to share the truth and awaken Americans to the ominous threats we are facing, and which have become more prevalent during the presidency of Barack Obama.
     Another document, equally as revealing, is “The Project,” discovered in a law enforcement search by Swiss authorities, which outlines step by step the methodology and tactics to be employed for the ultimate conquest.
(Start reading at page 15, for an English translation)
Click here: https://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/misc/687.pdf
     What is Barack Obama doing now? He’s definitely not retired from his mission. Read on:
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     This is the best I could do in a mere 1500 words.  There’s plenty more, which not only tells me Barack Obama was the worst president in our history, he was also the most dangerous.
      How easily we are fooled.
Click here: History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the U.S. Government