In my 2015 book release, The Way Things Oughta Be, I offer numerous chapters with analyses and suggestions for improving the world, whether it be politics, science, education, criminal justice, family issues, love and romance and so much more. At the very end of the book, I present a chapter titled, “Afterthoughts” which is a list of one-liners, without essay or analysis.

     I thought some folks might be interested…so I extracted this chapter and created a short blog.  (With the author’s permission, of course) See what you think.


Sometimes, a simple answer can identify a question.  According to your author, here are a few one-line reflections on – The Way Things Oughta Be:

  • Smart people should think twice about the long-range consequences before blanketing their bodies with tattoo ink.
  • Parents who sit with their kids at restaurant tables engrossed with tablets and smart phones tell me they’ve lost the ability to communicate.
  • I’m a fan of space travel, but I also wonder if the enormous costs outweigh the benefits, and those billions of dollars could not be better funneled to more pressing needs.
  • Abolish car alarms. They are useless costs added to the price of an auto.
  • Schools, libraries, and other public properties should ban boys from wearing pants below their butts and exposing underwear. There is nothing wrong with standards.
  • The term “African-American” is a misnomer that fails to account for all the indigenous Arabs and whites who also come from Africa, which, after all, is a continent, not a country.
  • Non-citizen immigrants who arrive here and express hate for America should be given a one-way ticket back to their native country.
  • If a public employee refuses to pledge allegiance to the United States he or she should not be employed by the taxpayer.
  • The Pledge can easily be recited minus “under God” for anyone who so chooses, and should not be politicized.
  • Enemies in foreign countries with whom we are engaged in combat are not entitled to American civil rights. Advising them of their “rights” is an absurdity that benefits the enemy and not America.
  • Very little quality attention is paid to the problems of severe mental illness in America, which causes more grief, money and peril than we realize.
  • Unaccounted-for minorities, or other human categories that don’t seem to matter, include – mentally ill, prison inmates, returning ex-cons, and homeless.
  • Restaurants should post warning signs that advise parents they will be asked to remove loud and misbehaving children from the premises.
  • Telephone solicitations, political messages, and other nuisance calls that disturb millions, including the infirmed, should be declared a federal crime not protected by the First Amendment.
  • Young men and women who adorn their faces with multiple piercings should realize they are creating a gross distraction from their otherwise good looks.
  • Can anyone articulate a reason why the federal government needs a Department of Education?
  • English should be deemed, by act of Congress, as the official language of the United States, while at the same time encouraging bi-lingual education in schools and special education.
  • No veteran who honorably served his or her country should be allowed to live homeless.
  • I have a name. Please don’t call me “Man.”


“The Way Things Oughta Be” is a comprehensive book of unique ideas about a myriad of topics.  Signed copies available at my web site: or via