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Disclaimer:  Based on what information has come forward thus far, I would acknowledge that Justice Scalia probably died of natural causes.


Because of the national impact that the death of this man will have on the legal future of the United States, we should not be accepting “Probably” as the final ruling.  America is entitled to know that Antonin Scalia absolutely died of natural causes.

Already, the conspiracy theories are coming out of the woodwork. Scalia’s death …with eleven months remaining in Barack Obama’s term, gives the left wing an opportunity to re-tilt the high court to a liberal majority. Some think that it’s possible that Scalia could have been cleverly murdered in order to achieve that objective before it was too far into this election year.

That’s highly unlikely, although it does seem odd that Justice Scalia was discovered at 8:30 in the morning, lying on his back with a pillow over his head.

The local Justice of the Peace declared the judge’s death to be natural, from a heart attack, based on reports from friends at the house and from police investigators. But she never saw the body, nor did any pathologist. How could she know it was a heart attack? The family is declining the opportunity to go forward with an autopsy.

So there we have it.  I worked with a Medical Examiner’s system for thirty years in my career. In most all cases where the deceased was not suffering any fatal illness, autopsy was the only clear method to determine the exact cause of death. My friend, Dr Jay Barnhart, is a retired Assistant M.E.  He said to me, “No thorough postmortem examination and investigation? It is a tragically missed opportunity to get all of the facts. Fodder for speculation and conspiracy claims, which will surely emerge.”

Scalia was arguably on the top shelf as one of the most important people in America, whose death will alter many Supreme Court rulings in the future. Speculators and theorists will undoubtedly cast doubts about how and why he died, which will go unanswered.

America should demand answers.

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This Op-Ed appears today under the title: “Debt Spirals in our Socialistic System,”    Florida Today, Feb 14, 2016.

Marshall Frank Guest columnist  


Vote for me and everything will be free, free, free.

Such is the mantra we hear from some politicians in America, and not just those running for president. Besides promises galore and free everything, minimum wages may nearly double which, realistically, will decimate fast-food restaurants. Manual labor positions could eventually be replaced with automation.

While some politicians may suggest a need for spreading wealth, I suspect others are actually in the quest for power. Their objectives are not so much about caring for the poor, but to use freebees as bait to win elections. Fishermen call it “chumming” – pour fish heads and blood over the side of the boat to lure fishes to gather in droves for an easy meal. In other words, offer lots of freebees and the votes will come.

In his two terms in which the current president claims the economy has improved, food stamp rolls increased from 30 to 47 million. And despite generous government entitlements, the national poverty rated has increased, not decreased, under the current administration.

Other economic figures may seem impressive, but the costs are disguised in the horrendous national debt which has spiraled upwards of $8 trillion in the last seven years; from $11 trillion when Obama took office to $19 trillion today. In his first campaign, Mr. Obama had criticized George W. Bush’s $5 trillion increases as being “un-American.”

Young, impressionable voters, many from college campuses and others from thousands of blighted urban areas are suckered into the entitlement mentality without knowing how these enormous costs will affect America. Socialism calls for spreading the wealth and demonizing the rich.

But wait. In most cases, billionaires like Steve Forbes, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and the Koch Brothers are in the business of running huge businesses which, if we leave their profit margins alone, will translate to hundreds of thousands of jobs and new commodities, which then evolve into expanding companies which then add to the economy.

That’s called free market. They also contribute multi-millions to charity.

The United States already has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Under a socialist transition of government which would target corporate leaders even more, we’ll see less free market, and more companies – and their jobs – resettling overseas.

Socialism’s worst case scenario was the Soviet Union which provided freebees for all living needs, including living quarters. The all-powerful government controlled the population including what people would eat, what they would study and what jobs they could have. Nobody could own property.

The cost: Freedom. Ask any Russian who lived there before 1991. It was a paranoid society.

I recently viewed the swearing in of newly nationalized Americans. A middle-aged Korean woman was in tears, gushing over the strange idea that she was now free and equal to men. Folks should ask people like her about the pros and cons of socialism.

Cuba established socialism in 1959 without success over 55 years. People may have free education and health care, but their quality of life is nothing close to America and our free-market incentives. Cubans still drive cars from the 1950s. Venezuela and Greece are among the more tragic examples of socialist failures.

If we implement a total entitlement society, it will deflate incentives, stunt ambitions and thwart free enterprise. Inch by inch, mass populations will eventually become overly dependent on government for everyday needs. That will shift the culture from a self-reliant society to an obedient society, because government’s centralized power will no longer be relegated to the people, but to an elite few.

That’s the opposite of what our founders had in mind.

The poor of America and impressionable young voters must do their homework, keep an open mind, and study the inevitable ramifications of any trend toward socialism. Once a crack forms in the dike of freedom, our children may never have known the beauty of self-determination.



Congress has defined a Hate Crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.”

     We mostly hear about “hate crimes” as they relate to offenses against religion. Some think that the problem of hate crime is predominantly centered against Muslims.  Muslims – as well as media — would have us believe that the mere planting of a piece of bacon at the doorstep of a mosque is an act of hatred toward Muslims. Many say that Muslims are the main targets of hate crimes in America.

     Well, here’s the truth.

     According to 2014 FBI statistical records, nearly half (46%) of all hate crimes are filed under “racial” motives, not religion, which are victimized and/or perpetrated between blacks and whites.  Crimes against Sexual orientation and Religious orientation are tied each at 18.6%. 

     In the Religious Hate Crimes category, the most victims – by far – has been the Jewish faith, which accounted for 57% of all hate crimes. Second, is Islam, at 16%. The remainder of anti-religious hate crimes are minuscule by comparison. This pattern is consistent year after year.

     But we don’t hear much outrage from Jews, nor is it even addressed by our government leaders.  In December of 2015, President Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch spoke at a Muslim dinner at the White House in which she railed against those who target Muslims for hate crimes, with nary a mention about hate crimes against Jews which are nearly FOUR TIMES that of Muslims.

     She said, “Since 9/11, we’ve had over 1,000 investigations into acts of anti-Muslim hatred, including rhetoric and bigoted actions, with over 45 prosecutions arising out of that. I think sadly that number’s going to continue.”

     So, who’s surprised?

     President Obama and Loretta Lynch do not acknowledge that Muslims – not Jews — are committing nearly 2,000 acts of deadly terror each year around the globe. Neither do they mention that Muslims are responsible for nearly all religious-based terrorism in the United States, compared to ZERO for Jews. Since 9/11/2001, other than the 2,996 who died then, 42 additional terror attacks have been attributed to Islamic radicalism on American soil, in which 88 innocent people were randomly murdered. (This doesn’t take in to account the scores who were injured)

     The count for Jewish perpetrators?  ZERO

     Thousands of people killed and wounded from radical Islamic terror attacks in the U.S. in the last 15 years, have had wives, husbands, mothers and fathers, children, friends, coworkers, neighbors, fellow worshippers, and etc., who add into the millions. Is it any wonder that millions of Americans, as well as people around the world, fear Muslims, hold hostile feelings toward Muslims, dislike, distrust or worry about Muslims? 

 If a certain group of hostile people from a particular sect repeatedly terrorized a neighborhood, how would that make residents feel?  Welcoming?

     Meanwhile, actual hostilities in the U.S. are four times greater toward a religious group who terrorizes no one.

     Why doesn’t the president and his minions ever acknowledge that?

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There is a reason why statutes of limitations do not apply to some crimes. That’s because of the egregious nature and seriousness of acts which, by commission or omission, result in the unnecessary death of a human being. Cold Case investigation units were formed in police agencies for the purpose of solving crimes of horror, no matter how long ago they happened.

     Life is precious, especially those who die in the course of serving their country, or those who die saving the lives of others. The value of such lives is not abridged with the passage of time. That’s why the criminals of Benghazi should be fully exposed and punished, and I don’t mean only the terrorists.

     Some would opine that Benghazi is old news and should be set aside. Tell that to the families of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. They are dead – unnecessarily. They were heroic men serving their country for which they died. Terrible decisions on the part of their government officials, that led up to and during the attack, were responsible for the horrendous outcome.

     One thing certain: They were hung out to dry.

     The president’s words ring hollow in my head, when he referred to deserter Bo Bergdahl’s exchange for five notorious terrorists. “We don’t leave soldiers behind.”  Oh? Really? 

     Some will say that the Benghazi investigation is just politics. The problem is that we have no choice but to rely on elected people to head investigations for determining facts, seeking truth and then justice.

     Supporters of Hillary Clinton say she weathered the recent congressional probe very well. Not really. In fact, two important revelations came out of that hearing.

     1) E-mail records and witness testimony showed that Ambassador Stevens and his underlings had pleaded, virtually hundreds of times, for increased security at Benghazi over a period of months before the attack. Each was declined. Security was not only declined, it was diminished over that year, a perfect setting for the terrorists. The consulate was listed among the most dangerous American outposts in the world which had already been attacked. The British facility had closed down after being attacked. The Red Cross left because of threats.  The Secretary of State could not possibly be unaware of these situations.

     2) Secretary of State Clinton issued three e-mails during, or within 24 hours of the attack. One to her daughter, another to the Libyan Prime Minister, and a third to the Egyptian Prime Minister informing everyone this was a terror attack, nothing to do with an anti-Muslim video. Yet, in the ensuing days and weeks, the “Muslim video” lie remained the prevailing narrative from Hillary and the president himself. She proffered that same falsehood to the families of the victims as the caskets lay nearby, knowing it was a lie.

     Which begs the question: Why? What was the purpose of such a stupid lie? Why were the American people being distracted from the truth?

     Then, there’s the question of the ensuing investigation? The government took the Ferguson police killing of strong-arm robber, Michael Brown, more seriously than the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. The president was so unconcerned about Benghazi, he immediately absconded to attend his fund raiser in Las Vegas as the bodies were still warm, and then headed to the late night TV show circuit. Mrs. Clinton? Once she perpetuated the lie to the families of the dead heroes, she boarded a plane to go nation-hopping for three months, shaking hands, gone and unapproachable. In my view: Hiding. She delegated Susan Rice to lie for her on five Sunday talk shows.

     As more investigations surface, we learn that the air support systems were on the ready for Benghazi that night, but never received the go-ahead from top command. In the beginning, the heroes of Benghazi were told to stand down, despite pleas for help from the consulate compound that was under attack. The contract security men on the ground have attested to that.

     Everything about this conundrum reeks to high heaven; before, during, and after.

     Yes, after. As an old time crime scene investigator, I know how important it is to quickly secure a scene in order to search for and impound as much forensic/physical evidence a possible. It took a long three weeks before our government deployed any federal agents to investigate that crime scene. Too late. Whatever evidence would be there, including files and computers, would be long gone.

     There had to be a reason.

     One thing we do know: Our leaders mishandled this entire scenario, before, during and after. The only thing we don’t know are what decisions were sheer ignorance, sheer incompetence, or worse, deliberate.

     The so-called “anti-Muslim” video is also an unsolved mystery. A silly amateur endeavor which took one day to shoot with “B” actors in need of an acting gig, it had no significant message or purpose. Could it be that the video was deliberately created to serve as the false motive for the pre-meditated attack on the Benghazi consulate? Yes, there are conspiracy theories, which may not be provable, but they make much more sense than the drivel provided us by our government officials.   

     In all, it is a conundrum which needs more unravelling. The families of dead Americans are entitled. When any Secretary of State and a president offer provable lies to families of dead heroes, and to the American people, and to the United Nations, something needs to be done. We hear much from the Executive Branch about needs for seeking justice in other matters. They should begin in their own house.

     This is a whodunit which still needs to be solved.

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