SPOTLIGHT”   –   9
This was like watching the unravelling of the Watergate scandal, only based in a church and not the White House. Same components; Newspaper reporters, government liars, high-level cover-ups and a story that exposes corruption and abuse of power.
     A riveting movie. Not because of action, sex or special effects. But, because of the powerful storyline brought to the viewer by great acting and directing, and daring revelations which we will not often see in the mainstream motion picture industry.
     The movie is based on a true story about decades-long rampant child abuse within the Catholic Church, which was ultimately exposed by the Boston Globe in 2002.  Editorial supervisor, Michael Keaton, heads the key reporters played by Mike Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams. They are supported by a newly implanted chief editor (Liev Schreiber) who has no roots in Boston, ergo, no political or religious affiliation. The team is hell-bent on digging into the bowels of church history, focusing mainly on predatory sex abuse by priests.  Most importantly, the Globe’s objective was not to identify one or two priests, but several dozen over a period of 30 years which was known about and covered up by the church hierarchy. The goal was to expose the system, not only the abusers.
     Eventually, the scandal reached to the four corners of the planet, to and including many other jurisdictions in the United States.
     Folks should know that several interviews take place in which prior victims of sex abuse, now adults, are explicit with details of their encounters with priests.
     The movie brings to light some of the psychology behind the behavior of criminal priests, how and why they evolved into abusers and how easy it was to exploit kids while the top layer of church power turned a blind eye. I’m sure the Pope wasn’t pleased to learn of this release.
     Folks, especially Catholics, who are sensitive about their faith, might feel uncomfortable sitting through this movie, but it is important to understand how criminal conduct can be cloaked in smiles, lies and corruption…not much different than what can happen in government. 
     It’s an eye opener. Worth a 9 out of 10.
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