Well, it looks like the cop-hating, racist mongrels of the far left have finally hit pay dirt, a bona fide white on black killing by a police officer, caught on video in North Charleston, which – at first blush – appears to be unjustified. Al Sharpton and his ilk must be euphoric. This is what they’ve been hoping for.

     The New York Times gained access to the damaging video, and released this statement…notice the wording:

     “A white police officer in North Charleston, S.C., was charged with murder on Tuesday after a video surfaced showing him shooting in the back and killing an apparently unarmed black man while the man ran away.”

     Had both men been white, or both been black, not a word would have been mentioned about race. Had a black cop wrongfully shot a white man, not a word would have been mentioned about race. But each time the racial equation is white shooter/black victim, the racial adjectives are invariably inserted.

     I saw the video. It doesn’t look good for that officer. But I’m appalled at how the media never fails to take advantage of an opportunity to inject racial overtones to an event whenever a white cop downs a black person, essentially to imply that the cop’s motive was racially driven. And, sadly, people who are easily manipulated fall head-over-heels for that mantra.

     They tried it with Trayvon Martin in Florida, but when the facts came out, and the trial was held, it clearly showed that the white shooter was having his head bashed in by a full-sized juvenile delinquent, and was lucky to be able to retrieve his firearm lest he would have been killed himself, or suffered permanent brain damage.

     They tried it with Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., when an officer was subject to a surprise attack in his patrol car by a kid who stood over 6’4” and weighed 300 pounds, punching the cop and trying to steal his gun. The Goliath teen went after the cop again, which resulted in Brown’s death by justifiable shooting. But the Sharpton rabble-rousing gang wanted to hear nothing about facts and truth. They preferred the witness/thug’s version who told the world Michael Brown had his hands up, saying, “Don’t shoot.”  Despite the fact that the thug’s story was debunked as totally false by numerous witnesses, many who were black, the rioters took control of the streets and burned the city.  Meanwhile, lapdog politicians in congress, movie stars and professional ball players all made public spectacles of themselves mimicking the false narrative “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” to keep the flames alive in the hate-whitey campaign.

     Meanwhile, two days after Brown was shot and killed, a black cop in Salt Lake City shot and killed an unarmed white male…and nary a word was published in the national tabloids about racial inequities. Double standard?

     They tried it again with the Staten Island death of death of another behemoth, Eric Garner, when he resisted arrest and officers had to use physical force, in the absence of weaponry, to take the man down in an apparent choke hold. Sadly, he had a serious asthma condition which led to his death. A Grand Jury found that the officer acted within his proper authority. Nevertheless, the race-baiting haters went to the streets like sheep over a cliff, chanting, “What do we want? Dead Cops!”

     In the aftermath, two very decent and dedicated New York cops were ambushed and shot to death in their patrol care by one maniac who had gotten caught up in all the racist vitriol. The shooter and the cops were all minorities, black, Asian and Hispanic…but what difference does it make? 

     Finally, the race-mongers have hit pay dirt with another case which they can vent their anti-police hatred and stir up the anarchists. The officer in North Charleston has been arrested and charged with murder. And from what I saw on that video, it appears the officer will not see freedom for a long time.

     It doesn’t matter if someone is white, black or purple, every police agency in America has rules about deadly force and/or firing a gun at someone who does not pose a clear and present danger to him or others. This victim had not committed a felony. He was not assaulting the officer. He was running away, when the cop fired eight shots toward his back. Not good.

     Preliminary data suggests the shooting of 50 year-old Walter Scott was unjustified. But it certainly was not because he was black, white or purple…as the sensation-seeking media would have us believe. 

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