Meet America’s newest sports hero; Jordan Spieth, age 21. What a guy.  Keep your eye on this young man.  He’s only just begun.

If ever young people in America were in need of a worthy role model amid a myriad of loonies, druggies and narcissists, he’s finally come along.

No, he doesn’t play football or basketball, nor does he rap or scream into microphones with high-amped rock bands. Spieth is a pro golfer extraordinaire. After two years on the professional golf tour, this young man now sits as Number #2 in the world. The only phenom who compares, is Tiger Woods who, 19 years ago, won the Masters at age 21.

But wait. Spieth, the same age, just won the Masters tournament last weekend, setting records for lowest scores ever at the 36 hole and 54 hole marks, and tied Tiger Woods’ 19 year record for the lowest score ever at the Masters, beating Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose by four strokes each. His earnings for one tournament:  $1.8 million. And get this – one year ago in his first year on the tour in 2014, he placed 2nd in that Masters Tournament, losing only to Bubba Watson.

He’s already had five wins on the professional tour, including three this year.  Most pros would give their teeth to win even one pro tournament, and he’s only started.

Spieth was attending the University of Texas, but dropped out after 1.5 years to turn pro.  After all, he had already won two U.S. Amateur Tournaments, and the lucrative PGA awaited him, offering far more than an academic degree would ever pay him, especially at such a young age.  It wasn’t a bad decision. This year alone, his total winnings are nearly $5 million, and the season has just begun.

Besides being a model professional golfer, Spieth is one of the classiest young men to come along in a sport that is marinated with class.  When interviewed following his big win, his thoughts turned mostly to his 14 year-old sister with autism. Here are some of his comments:

“I miss her a lot. I wish she could have been here,” he told a CNN reporter.  “I can’t wait to get back to her and maybe let her try on the (green) jacket…she’s the most special part of our family.”

I like this guy. He is not only a fine athlete, he reeks of integrity. He reminds me of a term we once referred to well-grounded, moral and decent people: Clean-cut. It may be old-fashioned, but it’s still something to be appreciated.

Keep your eye on this guy. He’s going to be a positive role model for millions of young men and women down the road. A breath of fresh air.

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