Is Barack Obama really a Christian?  Or did he portray himself as a Christian for political expediency?

     From what we know about Obama’s history, it is clear that his political ambitions were rooted on or around the time he met Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago ( or perhaps, earlier). Those of us who stay tuned to the political world, are fully aware that Jeremiah Wright’s sermonizing and ideology is based on American hatred, and his chummy relationship with the Jew-hating Nation of Islam. Obama not only sat in the pews of this church for 20 years, he was a powerful supportive figure aligning with Wright behind the scenes.

     Would a Carter, Reagan, Clinton or Bush ever have been elected if they had a history of close associations with anti-Americans? 

     Perhaps Obama’s political advisors suggested he become a “Christian” as part of his future strategy?  Or maybe he linked up with Christianity on his own, we’ll probably never know.  But, for certain, by joining the Trinity Church, Obama could officially declare himself as a Christian, (whether true or not) thereby sucking millions of future voters into his political web. But, does anyone know of a bona fide Christian minister who would preach “God Damn America?”

     Then again, would anyone who is a Christian, ever make a verbal error by stating to a news reporter, (George Stephanopoulos,) “my Muslim faith,” which had to be corrected by the reporter.  By any stretch of the imagination, would any non-muslim make such as slip? (See video link, below) 

     Nevertheless, besides verbally declaring his immersion into Christianity, has the president actually gone beyond words, with substantive action? 

     Nothing is more revealing than the present state of genocide against Christianity, world-wide, that has emerged since his rise to become the so-called leader of the free world. As fast as Obama had been at issuing condemnations when a white cop shoots a black person, or when anyone defames Islam or dares to suggest that Islam is associated with terror, that’s how slow he is in condemning, yet fighting, the radical Islamic war against Christians.

     Liberal syndicated columnist, and frequent defender of Barack Obama, Kirsten Powers recently penned a critical column in USA Today and many other papers which questions Obama’s reasons for failing to stand up for the world-wide persecution of Christians, which has accelerated greatly during the his reign as President of the United States, while at the same time, radical Islam has become more dangerous and powerful than ever. I invite readers to check out her piece via this link:   Click here: Kirsten Powers: Christians thrown overboard left to drown by Obama

     It may be the tip of the proverbial iceberg because the news media simply cannot report it all, and there is likely far more going on behind the scenes we’ll never know about.  Here’s the truth, as we know it so far:

  •  During the “Arab Spring” of 2011-12, which was strongly supported by the Obama administration, more than eighty Coptic (Christian) churches were burned/destroyed throughout Egypt and many thousands of Coptics were killed and/or displaced. The White House remained basically mute about these atrocities
  • Videoed beheadings and murders of Christian men in Libya and other places.
  • Christian children are being murdered and beheaded in Iraq.
  • A college was invaded by militants in Kenya, where 147 Christians were massacred for no other reason than being Christian, another 80 injured and 600 more who have been displaced.

     This could be a very long article, yet we get the message. But, does the president?

     We hear nothing from Barack Obama, yet any definitive responses that would come to the rescue of these Nazi-like horrors, where Christians are clearly being targeted for death, and to be made examples for the future of middle-east Christianity if people refuse to convert to Islam. Obama was quick to muster air assaults against Ghaddafi in Libya, to support the Muslim Brotherhood, but our president is conspicuously silent on Christian genocide.

     This, by the way, is the crux of how Islam spread around the world so effectively between 632 A.D. and 711 A.D. Murder, terrorize, enslave, convert then keep the peace.

     Meanwhile, desperate people have begged for help from the leader of the free world, to no avail.

     The more the terrorists realize they are free to do as they wish, and that the free world is basically impotent, the more beholden they will become in their quest for establishing a caliphate where they want it…leaving lots of dead bodies behind.

     Frankly, I don’t care if Obama is, or is not a Christian. I don’t judge people based on their religion or absence of it. What I do care about is the lie. For once we know it has been a lie, the next questions are:  1) What was the purpose of the lie? 2) What other matters of importance would he lie about? 3) Where does his true loyalties lie?

     Imagine this. An American president utters a brief somber statement after an American journalist, James Foley, had just been hideously beheaded by Islamist militants for all the world to see and, within minutes, he’s back with the boys teeing off on the golf course.

     Is Barack Obama a Christian?  What do you think?


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