A compelling story, a good drama, great acting, very touching.  No flying buses, no machine guns, no breathy sex scenes. It’s all about humanity, love and loss

     Al Pacino is one of the great actors of our generation, who – like all his movies – fully immerses into the character of Danny Collins, a washed up rock star personified with a drug habit and despite his riches, made a mess of his life.

     A resurrected long lost letter to him from 1971, written by John Lennon, changes his life. As a result, he reaches out to establish a relationship with a long-lost son he never met, and his family.  The rest is all highs and lows and drama about love, sacrifice, mistakes and redemption.  The actors are superb, including Annette Bening who plays the one woman he can’t have, Christopher Plummer, his frustrated manager, Jennifer Garner, the wife of his long-lost son, Bobby Cannavale, his resentful son, and 7-year-old Giselle Eisenberg who steals our hearts playing Pacino’s long lost granddaughter.

     It’s not going to win an Academy Award. And it’s not a thriller by any stretch. But it’s heart felt and worth the price of tickets. Bring a hanky.

     Click here: Danny Collins (2015) – IMDb