Our president and his administration lackies would have us believe that an infinitely small percentage of the Muslim world are in support of fanatical movements, with or without violence. One of Mr. Obama’s statements went so far as to claim 99.9 percent of Islam is a peaceful religion, and that only 0.1 percent could be considered violent or sympathetic to jihad.

     Not true. (as usual)  Our president cherry-picks facts from thin air and thinks because he holds the elected office of president, his words cannot be disputed.  Perhaps he would like to be renamed “God.”  (or Allah, as the case may be). Meanwhile, he tells us that 99.9 percent of Muslims in the world reject the terrorist’s understanding of Islam.

     In these times, polls are conducted constantly but we hear little of the results unless it’s a headline issue.  Reputable research institutes, like Pew, BBC, Gallup, CSC and more, can be found on the net.  I searched for polls that deal with Muslim attitudes toward and within western society, specifically on violence, sharia and the grand jihad in general.  The links below provide hundreds of sources and web sites on this subject, if you want to delve further.  But I’ll list a few of the more interesting poll results in this article.

     Consider these:

  • (Pew)  26 percent of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified.
  • (Pew) 42 percent of young Muslims in France believe suicide bombings are justified.
  • (Pew)  1 in 4 Muslims do not reject violence against civilians
  • (PCPO)  89 percent of Palestinians support Hamas firing rockets into Israel
  • (Pew)  Only 57 percent of Muslims, worldwide, disapprove of al Qaeda
  • (World Public Opinion – WPO) Attitudes toward Osama bin Laden are positive in Egypt (44%), Morocco (27%) Jordan (27%) Palestinian (56%), etc.
  • (Gallup) 38.6% of Muslims believe 9/11 attacks were justified
  • (Center for Social Cohesion  – CSC) One-third of British Muslim students support killing for Islam
  • (CSC) One-third of Muslims believes in killing anyone who leaves Islam
  • (Pew) Supporting Death Penalty for leaving Islam (apostasy):  Egypt 84%, Jordan 86%, Pakistan 76%, Indonesia 30%, etc.
  • (Terrorism Research Institute Study – TRIS) 51 percent of mosques in the U.S. have texts on site rated as severely advocating violence, 30 percent moderately advocating violence.
  • (Pew) 19 percent of American Muslims believe suicide bombings are justified
  • (BBC) 27 percent of British Muslims openly support violence against cartoonists, as in the Hebdo attacks.
  • (ICM) 40 % of Muslims want Sharia to dominate in the UK
  • Middle East Quarterly – MEQ) 91 percent of honor killings, worldwide, are committed by Muslims
  • 95 percent of honor killings in the west are perpetrated by Muslim fathers, brothers or their proxies.
  • A survey of Muslim women in Paris revealed that 75 percent of them wear masks out of fear of retribution including fear of violence
  • (Civitas) 33% of British Muslims agree that wives should be forced to obey husbands.
  • (Pew) 26 percent of Muslim-Americans do not support assimilation
  • (Pew) 49 percent of Muslim-Americans say they are Muslim first, American second (26 percent.)
  • 32 percent of American Muslims believe Sharia should be the supreme law of the land

     Step away, and try to see this as a generational movement.  It’s not today that matters. What matters is the future generations which we leave to our children. 

     Twenty or thirty years ago, the trends revealed in these polls are a stark difference to the situations of today. The Religion of Peace has made enormous strides in the influence they have imposed on western societies, while we remain comatose to the probabilities that will take place in the next thirty years. Thirty years ago, most of us knew absolutely nothing about Islam. Today, it dominates the world stage.

     Political correctness, tolerance, acceptance and all the feel-good terms that often associated with the rise of Islam isn’t going to make the world safer, nor will it stem the rise of Sharia within the fabric of America.  Unless we install strong leadership in the next election cycles, (local and federal) the influence of Islam – violent and peaceful – will metastasize throughout the western world until existing constitutions are nullified and Sharia is installed everywhere. They said, in writing, they would do this, and they are well on their way.

     I’m afraid we have lived in the best of times.

  Meanwhile, believe nothing — ZERO — that comes from the White House. There’s a reason the Obama machine does not tell the truth, and it’s not just about being liberal or Democrat. 

     Here are some web pages with many more details about polls:

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