Rep. Trey Gowdy may not be the handsomist, most charsimatic politician, nor does he play to voting blocs and camera-angle likeability, but he sure gets a powerful message across without mincing words. 

     This is a six-minute clip from his address to congress regarding the dangers that are inherent in having a president who disregards the constitution and behaves as a king. Not only is it dangerous by this president, it sets new and irreversible precedents for future commanders in chief to expand the powers of the executive branch so far, that congress may, and can, be rendered insignificant. If that ever happens, we can kiss out constitution goodbye, along with al the rights and protections that are provided to Americans.

   Obama said, before he took the oath of office in 2009, “We are five days away from the fundamental transformation of America.” Now we know what he meant. 

     It’s amazing that someone like Gowdy was ever elected to office, because he’s a rare statesman, meaning he cares more about the state of the union than he does about how people like, or do not like him. This video should be seen and heard, not only by my readers, but by the young folks in colleges and high schools.  Listen carefully to this man’s words, to the end.