On the shores of Libya, ISIS recently beheaded 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt.  What did President El Sisi, of Egypt do?  He called it a national emergency and sent in firepower to bomb the ISIS militants, promising vengeance.

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      What did King Abdullah of Jordan do when he learned that a Jordanian fighter pilot was burned to death by ISIS?  He returned back to his country from the U.S. and authorized immediate air strikes against the ISIS militants, vowing to avenge the savage killing. In addition, he authorized the execution of two al Qaeda prisoners.

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         What did President Obama do when he learned that an American journalist, James Foley, had been beheaded before video cameras by ISIS militants? He gave a brief innocuous statement then, within minutes, returned to the golf course in Martha’s Vineyard.

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      What did President Obama do when the consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked by terrorists and 4 Americans, including an ambassador, were murdered? He vanished for the evening, gave a brief statement in the Rose Garden in the morning, then – while our consulate smoldered –  it was off to fund raisers in Las Vegas, parties and late night comedy shows. From there his administration provided false narratives, blaming a dumb video mocking Muhammed as being to blame, which was exposed as a lie.

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     In a mere two month period, between April and May of 2014, Wikipedia recorded at least 34 separate terrorist strikes around the world, in countries ranging from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, middle-east countries, European countries, African countries and Indonesia, which totaled over 350 dead innocents and thousands injured. What did President Obama do?  On June 1st, he released the five most notorious chieftains of international terrorism who had been safely in custody at Guantanamo Bay, in exchange for one American military prisoner in Afghanistan who had been a deserter (as confirmed by his fellow soldiers). Then the president held a ceremonial love-in at the Rose Garden with the parents of the accused traitor.

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      In 2011, the government of Egypt had been headed by a staunch ally of the United States for 30 years in Mubarak. The Egyptian president made sure the treaty with Israel was enforced and our two nations were united. Then came the “Arab Spring” which was nothing more than a government take-over by the Muslim Brotherhood. 

     What did President Obama do? He supported the new government headed by Mohammed Morsi, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was, and is known, to be the mother organization that spawned Hamas, provided roots for Osama bin Laden and engineers radical Islamic infiltration of western civilization for the purpose of Islamic conquest. Yet, our president sided with the Brotherhood and against our proven ally.

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     With the world succumbing to racial Islamic chaos, our president refuses to even utter the term “Islam” in associating worldwide terror. The Fort Hood massacre, in which the Islamist screamed Allah Akbar before shooting 41 people, was deemed a “workplace violence” by our president.

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     Meanwhile, with the world in crisis and the modern Nazi movement cloaked in religion spreads into the free world, Barack Obama continues to diminish the dignity of the office of the president.  Check this out:  

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     Yes folks.  This is our president.  Sorry for the limited word count.