The greatest catastrophe in the history of the United States, other than wars, has been the election of Barack Obama as president.

     As far back as 2009, I have been writing blog articles, with associated credits and attributions, declaring that Barack Obama’s agenda (which includes his stated “transformation of America”) is in line with the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, which calls for ultimate conquest of western civilization by Islam, whether through violent or stealth means.

     Obama has done nothing to dissuade these beliefs. Since he has been in a position of no longer running for election, he has affirmed these beliefs in a number of ways:

1        Refusal to acknowledge Islam as associated with global terror

2        Erasing references to Islam in military and civilian training in regards to terror

3        Continually declaring sympathy and allegiance to Islamic ideals

4        Siding with the notorious Muslim Brotherhood in their failed conquest of Egypt

5        Continuous so-called errors in judgment which have led to utter chaos in the Arab world

6        Allowing Iraq to collapse to radical Islam

7        Daring to suggest that “negotiations” should be conducted with Iran, a radical Islamist      state which has called for the utter destruction of Israel.

8        Calling for Israel to return its borders to 1967 positions

9        Telegraphing our strategies to our enemies in Afghanistan and other places

10    Killing rather than interrogating Islamists

11    Decisions to act and not to act have given aid to the rise of ISIS, which he called a JV

12    Releasing notorious terrorists from Guantanamo

13    Overseeing the fall of Yemen to radical Islam

14    Ignoring and dodging and lying about the Benghazi fiasco, from day One.

15    Employing high level personnel in sensitive government positions who are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, including CIA, NSA, State     Department and Homeland Security

16    Reducing military forces to pre-WWII levels around the world in the face of threats by radical Islam everywhere that they intend on killing us all.

17    Dismissing multitudes of generals who did not agree with White House ideology

18    Giving untethered power to an Irani-born top advisor (Valerie Jarrett) as the woman behind the president, a defacto president shaping policy, process, personnel and presidential objectives behind the scenes.

     What national leader would make a short announcement condemning the gruesome beheading of a countryman overseas then return to the golf course eight minutes later? What national leader would hide during the terror raid of an overseas consulate, make a short announcement the next morning that four countryman – including an ambassador – had been murdered, then depart for fund raisers, parties and late-night jokesters on television?

     Nothing is better today around the world, than it was in 2008.  It’s all worse, far worse, dangerously worse, because we are in their crosshairs. Jihad Islam is on the march. We have turned backs on our allies (Egypt, Britain, Eastern Europe, Israel) and bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia who holds the purse strings of jihad.

     The Muslim Brotherhood had authored secret documents, admitted into federal court trials, which unambiguously avow to destroy western civilization, from within. Yet, our government gives welcome to Muslim Brotherhood organizations into the White House, including CAIR and the ISNA, and more.

     From within, would mean that the very enemy we are fighting oversees, has infiltrated out own government in the highest of places.

     This is not about Democrats and Republicans – although it would appear that the Republicans in congress would be more inclined to act against enemy infiltration – this is about bonding together as a country and as a culture, to preserve what we have before it hits the slippery slope.  I have often written about this menace. I could provide numerous links to scores of articles in which I cite experts as well as reform-minded Muslims, who are warning us of the successes that radical Islam is enjoying during the term of the administration.

     Some of you might not like Newt Gingrich. Nevertheless, he is one of the more aware and brilliant statesmen in today’s America who is willing to speak candidly on this subject.  Here is a link to a speech he made recently to the Iowa Freedom Summit. He has the guts to spit out the words the press doesn’t want to hear, nor most other politicians, regardless of party.  Listen carefully. It’s chilling. No teleprompter. He knows what he’s talking about:

     Click here: Newt Gingrich War Radical Islamism | Video |

     I wrote the following article in December 2009:

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     Earlier this month, Obama held a meeting with several Islamic leaders, but refused to disclose the names and affiliations, until the press made it impossible to hide.  Here is Pam Geller’s article about that meeting and the participants:

     Click here: Obama’s meeting with Muslim leaders included president of Hamas-tied ISNA, other Islamic supremacists and subversi

     Recent speech by a retired four-star admiral: :

     Click here: Muslim Brotherhood Has Penetrated All U.S. National Security Agencies Under Obama’s Guidance, High-Ranking Admiral

     Click here: BREAKING: Four-Star Admiral Makes HUGE Announcement About Obama & Muslim Brotherhood (VIDEO) – The Political Insid

     What can we do?  Convince the Democratic party to break ranks with Barack Obama, in the interest of National Security, then formulate a plan for impeachment. There are many points which are articulated by former Federal Prosecutor, Andrew C. McCarthy in this article:

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     I’m sad that the first black president had to be Barack Obama, but being black doesn’t give him license to destroy our nation.