I wasn’t going to, but with second thoughts, we went to see it out of curiosity and all the fanfare. Here’s my review of 50 Shades of Grey.

     We walked out after an hour of boring, inane dialogue and virtually no story line other than lust and sex between two hot people in their 20’s. What a hunk-a-junk.

     Young woman appears for an interview with a handsome billionaire tycoon at his lush office, their eyes meet, her heart beats with lust while he sees her as a recipient of domination if and when he can lure her into his sex-toy house.

     End of story.

     The rest is all about passionate eyes, heavy breathing, close-ups, sex and more sex, and not an ounce of character development, plot or struggle.

     It’s nothing more than a shallow porn flick that doesn’t show the bare penis.

     The male actor, Jamie Dornan, is obviously a fashion model with extraordinary good looks, but without a character that invokes an iota of gravitas, nor intellect to show us how and why he became such as success at the age of 27. 

     The girl is a better actor, but the repetition of glossy eyes and panting heart gets old after a few shots. She’s Dakota Johnson, daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. 

     If you like mindless, go see this movie.  Otherwise, save your money. If it’s anything like the book, I’m glad I didn’t waste time reading it.

    I give it a 0.

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