Well, waddaya know. The Justice Department officially eats crow.

     Watch for the small print, because the media, and the president, and Eric Holder, and Missouri Governor Nixon, and Al Sharpton – and the rest of the cowards – will have little to say about it all. 

     No matter how hard Eric Holder and his band of reverse racists tried to eviscerate Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, it took them six months of digging for dirt only to come up with no evidence – that’s ZERO evidence, to determine that the cop was guilty of no crime after all. Most informed people with a brain, and without an ulterior agenda, knew that fact within hours or days of the shooting.

     Darren Wilson is exonerated, folks.  He did nothing wrong! He did his job. He was attacked by a violent felon, who put him in a position where he felt he had to shoot the 18 year-old behemoth to avoid serious bodily harm. And, despite the Justice Department’s wrongful and dogmatic pursuit of a “racism” charge, they could find not one iota of evidence to support that.

     That won’t make the residents and business owners of Ferguson feel any better. Their buildings were torched, their livelihoods were crushed, innocent people were hurt physically and emotionally for no good reason, while officials demanded vengeance under the guise of “justice,” targeting one decent cop who was doing his job and now lives in fear, his career in shambles. Where’s justice for Darren Wilson? Where are the marchers in support of the innocent cop? 

     “Hands Up; Don’t Shoot” was chanted throughout the streets of America for weeks and months by the sheep — baaa baaa  — of government backed shepherds, including elected representatives inside the halls of congress, by race baiters, haters and American communists, with the support some government officials who either supported the false narratives or turned a blind eye.

     The “Hands Up; Don’t Shoot” mantra was a lie.  It never happened. Many witnesses testified to that fact in the Grand Jury. The lie was told by Michael Brown’s little buddy, another thug with a criminal record. Yet, people chose to believe him, and not the array of neutral witnesses that discounted him.

     The hatred burning inside of the likes of Holder and Obama toward the “white establishment” is a classic example of why people like them should never hold office as our trusted representatives. Each time a local police issue has come to the attention of the White House, Barack Obama invariably shows bias and sympathy toward blacks and disdain toward white police, before knowing all the facts.

     I hate a racist, just like most Americans. But I also hate a reverse racist, and race baiters, and anyone who falls into their traps for ulterior motives, because they are just as bad, if not worse. In the opinions of many, including myself, Al Sharpton has proven himself to be a despicable person who should never be given credibility by the press nor by our government. Yet, he has been welcomed into the White House over 80 times during the Obama presidency and by a major news network who hired him as a prime time anchor on television.

     (Head shaking)

     The very idea that Barack Obama (and Eric Holder) affords Al Sharpton credibility as an advisor and spokesman, tells us a lot about our president. Then again, if people would take the time to research the litany of suspicious and loathsome associations that has dotted his life, from childhood through adulthood in his pre-presidential period, it comes as no surprise.

     The real victim here is Darren Wilson who will hopefully recover and restart his life, forever grateful that the justice system prevailed, even when top level guardians of that system did everything they could to wrongfully railroad him into a prison as the victim of vengeance (not justice) for all the wrongs committed by long-gone racist cops of yore. 

     The racist representatives in congress who used their clout to perpetuate the lie inside the halls of congress were:

  •    Sheila Jackson Lee
  •    Al Green
  •    Hakeen Jeffries
  •    Yvette Clark

     Do the people care?

     Meanwhile, looters, attackers, arsonists and those who helped incite and support the violence in Ferguson – by commission or by omission – are the people who should be investigated and charged with appropriate crimes.

     Don’t hold your breath.    

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