The following report was compiled Robert K. Butler (pseudonym) an independent lay investigator and dedicated American who has had interest in getting to the bottom of the Benghazi attack and all its associated government fraud and secrecy. Some folks will say “who cares, this is old news?” But murder, aiding and abetting murder, corruption in government and conspiracy to obstruct justice knows no time frame limitations. 

I rarely allow independent reports on my blog site, but this poses numerous questions still unanswered about Benghzai which should be made public.  I congratulate Robert for his diligence and hard work, which amounts to nearly 1500 hours of his own time, reviewing, collecting, studying reports plus interviewing key individuals via e-mail. One can easily see he has done his homework.
• Why, on Sept. 12, 2012 (the day after the Benghazi attack) did the Attorney General Eric Holder, move the case of Mark Basselly Youssef to the Criminal Division and place Robert Dugdale, the same Robert Dugdale who obstructed the Fast and Furious investigation for years, in charge of the case? (Youssef was the producer of the controversial Muslim video)

• Why did the Justice Dept. “advise” the LA City Council to redact all the information from the film permit for “Desert Warriors”, the “movie” that would become “Innocence of Muslims”,  except for “Media For Christ”?

• Why, according to Paul Audley of the LA Film Board, is the LA City Council still not releasing an unredacted version of the film permit, and according to Mr. Audley, they never will?  This is extremely rare and not permitted under the California Public Records Act.

• Why was the name “Alan Roberts”, alias for Robert Alan Brownell, a B grade Hollywood director and owner of a company called Genesis Post Production, redacted from the film permit?

• Why, on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012, was Rene Veluzat, owner of the Blue Canyon Ranch where “Desert Warrior” was partially filmed, “instructed” by the FBI and LA County Sheriff’s office not to talk with the media or other interested parties about what he knew about the making of “Desert Warriors”?

• Why did Mark Basselly Youssef, using the alias “Sam Bacile” call the Wall Street Journal on the early morning hours of Sept. 12, 2012 and claim to be an Israeli and tell them the movie was financed by 100 Jews for $5,000,000?  Why, a few hours later, using the alias “Nakoula Basselly Nakoula”, did he tell the Associated Press he was an Egyptian Coptic Christian and the movie was financed by “friends and family in Egypt” for $70,000 – $80,000?  Why did he tell one of the actresses in the movie, Cindy Lee Garcia, twice, that he was a Muslim?
• How is it that Mark Basselly Youssef met Steve Klein at a mosque?  Why did Mark Basslley Youseff’s Cerritos neighbor describe all of Youseff’s friends as Muslims?

• How is it that a con man and long time criminal and FBI informant, Mark Basselly Youssef, with no previous record of either religious or political interest, and had never made so much as a home movie, came to make “Desert Warriors”?
• How is it that within two weeks after his early release from jail on a bank fraud conviction in June, 2011, that he had contacted Jimmy Israel and Robert Alan Brownell, and they had placed adds on Craigslist and in Hollywood trade papers for actors and actresses for a movie to be called “Desert Warriors”?

• Why is there no record of Mark Basselly Youssef ever paying back any of his $790,000 fine for his bank fraud conviction?

• Why was Mark Basselly protected by authorities from speaking with the media after his arrest for parole violations and kept in isolation until his trial on Nov. 8, 2012?

• Why was Mark Basselly Youssef tried on Nov. 8, 2012, the day after the Presidential elections 2012, and sentenced to five years in prison or a safe house for four minor parole violations, making him unavailable until after the 2016 Presidential elections?

• Why was Mark Basselly Youssef early released by the FBI from his jail term to a safe house, the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, and why is he living off a government issued credit card?

• Why won’t Mark Basselly Youssef answer any media questions about the making of the movie “Desert Warriors?  Why did Robert Dugdale during his trial shut down any discussion of the movie?

• How does one expect the FBI to investigate Benghazi when they seem to be protecting one of the prime people they should be invstigating?

• Why did a Youtube subscriber called “NewsPoliticsNow3” upload a one minute 33 second video called “Innocence of Muslims”  to YouTube at 5:45 AM PST on Sept. 11, 2012, approximately 7 hours before the attack in Benghazi?

• Why did “NewsPoliticsNow3” register as a YouTube username on June 18th, 2012, and disappear on or about Sept. 20, 2012?

• Why, also on June 18, 2012, did the U.S. State Dept. allow well known and well documented Egyptian terrorist Nour Eldin to visit Denis McDonough in the White House and plead for the release of Abdul Rahman, the Blind Sheik?

• Why, according to a photograph released by the White House at 7:38 pm Sept. 11, 2012, was Denis McDonough one of the first and only people to talk with President Obama that evening before President Obama seems to have disappeared for the night?

• Why does the Obama Admin. constantly repeat the falsehood that the Cairo demonstrations on Sept. 11, 2012 were mainly caused by “offensive internet material”, when in fact, as reported by CNN and many other media sources, these protests had been planned as a protest for the release of the Blind Sheik well before the video “The Mohammad Movie” was introduce to Cairo on the barely watched Coptic Christian TV station NAS-TV?

• Why, leading up to the Egyptian elections in 2012, did Muslim Brotherhood candidate continually call for the release of the Blind Sheik, but after Sept. 11, 2012, hardly mention him?

• Why did Mohammed Morsi, whose wife’s best friend is Huma Abedin’s mother, blame the attack in Benghazi on the “offensive video” four times in the two weeks after the attack, even though he knew it was not true, then receive a reported $450 million from the United States, at the direction of President Obama, on or about  Sept.27, 2012?

• Why, according to the Associated Press, did Benghazi lawyer Khaled al-Haddar observe members of the group Ansar Al Sharia, who were planning to attack the compound in Benghazi a couple of hours later, trying to get some local youths to chant against the “video”?

• Why, on a YouTube video posted of the attack, can voices be heard saying “don’t shoot, we’re with Morsi”?

• Why was Ali Saif Aiken, Turkish diplomat, meeting with Ambassador Stevens at the compound, and why, according to him, didn’t he see any protesters when he left the compound shortly before the attack began?

• Since there were 4 video cameras monitoring the four walls of the compound and would have recorded any protest, why weren’t these videos released to prove the existence of the protesters that the Obama Administration claimed were present at the scene and caused the attack?

• Why does EVERY documented reference to the attack being caused by video protesters come from one man, Wanis Al Sharif, a member of the Libyan Interior Ministry? 

• Why did Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration constantly say that Benghazi was an attack caused by a wave of violence that swept the mid east as a result of the video, when in fact a review of the approximately 80 protests that can be attributed to the video ALL happened after Sept. 11, 2012?

• Why did the Obama Administration constantly refer to them as violent, when in fact most of the protests were very small and non violent, with almost half of them taking place on the Muslim prayer day, Friday, specifically Sept. 14, 2012, and Sept. 21, 2012?

• Why do the protests attributed to the video average over five a day from Sept. 12, 2012 until Sept. 25, 2012, the day that President Obama spoke to the United Nations and blamed the video for the last time, then drop off to about half a protest a day through Oct. 9, 2012, the last protest attributed to the video?

• Why did President Obama blame the video at his UN speech on Sept. 25, 2012 even though his own press secretary, Jay Carney, stated officially on Sept. 20, 2012, that the video was not to blame, and that the attack had in fact been an act of terror?

• Why was Ambassador Steven’s body taken to a hospital controlled by Ansar Al Sharia at approximately 1 AM on Sept. 12, 2012 and worked on by a doctor who tried to save his life if the intent of the attackers, Ansar Al Sharia, was to kill him?

• Why did one of the spiritual leaders of Ansar Al Sharia at the time of Sept. 11, 2012, Sheik Nassar al-Tarshani, say in an interview with the Irish Times: “the attack was wrong.  The killing of the Ambassador was not intentional, he died of smoke inhalation”?

• How could somewhere between 50 and 120 Ansar Al Sharia members, well armed with RPG’s and AK-47’s not manage to kill a single occupant of the compound with a gun shot wound, even though the seven Americans in the compound at the time were poorly equipped for self defense?

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