Taken 3   =   4 

 If you like action movies where the protagonist can fight off dozens of brutal men one scene after another, where he never gets hit no matter the thousands of bullets being sprayed his way, where cars and trucks and buses continually crash, roll and explode in city streets and the entire story is utterly predictable from scene 1 through to the very end, then you’ll like this picture.

     It terms of sheer action, it’s a 10.  In terms of story and acting, it’s about 2 or 3. Liam Neeson has become the quintessential action hero, forever emerging as the hero in his quest to rescue a loved one. It’s a matter of genre that turns you on. For me, it’s a wasted movie ticket. When the action movies are all duplicates of each other, I see no sense in it all. I won’t even mention the ridiculous implausibles, (well…yes I will) like the chief investigative cop handling a paper bag from the death scene and chomping into one of the bagels. Puhlwease. Don’t these directors vet the script before shooting the film?

     What’s sad, is that there is only enough money and space for a certain number of releases each year.  I’m sure that some good stories and potentially wonderful movies were passed over to make this picture. As they say, money talks.

     I give it a generous 4 out of 10.

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