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A few brief comments on the latest headline news – plus one:

 1    Obama normalizing relations with Cuba.

 This is one of those rare occasions I will side with Obama. We originally imposed the embargo because Cuba was a communist country and a satellite of the USSR. More than fifty years have passed. The USSR no longer exists, Cuba is not a satellite to any nation and we engage in trade with a number of communist nations like China and Viet Nam. Maintaining the embargo seems hypocritical. Resuming tourism and trade with Cuba would be a good thing for America and for the Cuban people. Canadians travel to Cuba as a regular vacation destination.

 2    Mass demonstrations against police brutality throughout the nation.

 It’s all manufactured by anarchists who know the art of mobilizing Anti-police, Anti-American people who don’t know what they are really protesting against, repeating phrases and gestures that are taught to them like school children. One day, the anarchists might find a valid case of police brutality to protest, but these two cases are not valid.

 3     Jeb Bush throws his hat in the ring.

 Biggest hurdle: He’s qualified, but his name is Bush. That’s a presage for losing. The Republicans will have to do better looking to the future, not the past.

 4     Race relations in America

 It’s like being back in the 1960’s. Actually, it’s worse. The majority of black mothers and fathers were married in the 1960’s and raised their kids in a family. Now it’s about milking the welfare systems. Relations have gone downhill since the election of Barack Obama who has done nothing to improve living conditions for American-Americans, nor to address pervasive black on black violence, nor to unite black families.

 5     International relations

 Absolutely more dangerous during the Obama years. Nowhere has it improved, including the mid-east, Egypt, Africa, Israel, Russia, China, Pakistan, and etc.

 6     Immigration

 Obama’s actions have been like that of a dictator, which the constitution was designed to prevent. The executive action providing amnesty, in my opinion, is mainly designed to beef up the left wing voting bloc over the next decade. It has nothing to do with humanitarianism, it’s all politics.

 7     Release of the so-called “CIA Torture” report by the Senate democrats.

 Serves no salient purpose other than to divide the nation and weaken our country in the eyes of our enemies and our allies. The issue is old history, having been investigated by numerous committees from both sides of the aisle, which found that our agents broke no laws and did, in fact, save lives and gain vital intelligence. The timing of this so-called “release” smells of partisan politics as the republicans and the agents working in the CIA operations were not consulted in forming this report.

 8     Radical Muslim cleric terrorizes hostages in Sidney, Australia, three dead

 News sources call this “Lone Wolf” activity. That doesn’t wash the facts that all “Lone Wolves” are under the umbrella of radical Islam, regardless of al Qaeda or ISIS connections. Look for more and more of these acts of terror throughout the world, and in the United States, as the terror activists see that our nation is weakening ever more, year by year, day by day.

 9    Terrorist attacks leave 141 dead, mostly children, in a Pakistan school.

 Barbarism knows no limits. Supposedly, this attack was carried out as a demonstration against the military, who runs and operates the school. All victims were Muslim. All perpetrators were Muslim/Taliban. While the Afghan Taliban “condemned” the attack, verbal condemnation – anywhere – is just that: Verbal. It’s meaningless unless, and until, civilized Muslim cultures start taking action against Islamic militants, which number in the multi-millions around the world, including the U.S.

 10     Death penalty of 14 Year old boy set aside by judge 

A little late; the murders happened in 1944. This week, a South Carolina judge threw out a murder conviction of a 14 year-old boy who was so small, he had to sit on a phone book in the electric chair. In a 2009 affidavit, the boy’s sister testified that George Stinney Jr. had been with her all day, they same day that the two white girls were found beaten to death. Police testified he verbally confesssed, which he denied. The all white jury took ten minutes to reach a verdict. He was executed three months later, no appeal. 

 Click here: Exonerated After Execution: Judge Tosses Teen’s Murder Conviction – NBC


Something stinks in the land of anti-cops.

     Have we been had? Did the cops in Ferguson and Staten Island get lured like fish and then bite the bait? Is this all about a higher purpose, engineered in the back rooms of anarchists? Did the media fall for the ruse, hook, line and sinker?  Don’t know, but it’s possible. If so, it has worked like a charm.

     The nation is up in arms protesting in cities all over America. If we didn’t know any better, these “injustices” and “murders” of innocent “unarmed” large black men have been at the hands of racist officers who are part of a nation-wide problem of systemic racism. That’s what we are being led to believe.

     If anarchists were to be organized and mobilized to establish disorder, revolution and weakness from within, where would we begin?  Elect haters of America; pare down the military; open the floodgates of non-Americans into the country, pit the races against one another and emasculate the front lines of law and order.

     Most of us have digested (ad nauseum) the news bites of the two cases – including a 20 video clip – where cops have been widely vilified for killing unarmed blacks. But we have not extended our inquiries beyond what we’ve been fed. If we look beneath the surface, the odor begins to rise. Consider these facts:

     The Eric Garner death in Staten Island occurred on July 17th.  Michael Brown’s case was August 9th, three weeks later. How coincidental. Both cases involved police confrontations with humongous law-breaking black males who stood over 6’3” and weighed 300 to 350 pounds. And in both cases, a smaller friend/potential witness was conveniently on the scene. Let’s probe further

1 – Eric Garner was 43 years old, and extremely savvy to police confrontations, having been arrested 31 times throughout his life. He well knew jails and prisons, and the difference between lawful and illegal. He knew police situations and how not to get caught if he was breaking the law, and how to get caught.

2 – The selling of untaxed cigarettes in New York is a huge business rooted in Organized Crime. Eric Garner had to know that boldly selling “loosies” in front of retail stores would come to the attention of merchants who would likely call the cops. His openly brazen and unlawful activities in that manner made no sense. Sure enough, the cops were called. (hooked)

3 – One needs to examine the entire three-minute video, which was conveniently taken by Garner’s buddy, Ramsey Orta, 22, another man with a police record. The video would have been longer, but Orta made several stops during the shoot and reshoot, changing positions for unknown spans of time.

  1. Orta stood off to the side shooting video long before any altercation, as though knowing a key event was about to happen. Orta began shooting just after two officers arrived and began talking to Garner without conflict. He could very well have come to Garner’s assistance by presenting himself as a defending witness to the police, but the camera was more important.  During the dialogue with police, the unarmed Garner seemed scripted, as though repeating rehearsed phrases, oddly polite and gesticulating. Jargon was unlike what cops normally hear from upset black males in the hood. “I didn’t do nothing. I’m minding my own business, Officers. Please leave me alone.” And, etc.
  2. Early in the video, as the officers stood by waiting for back-up, Orta (the videographer) spoke into the camera audio, “This guy (cop) is trying to lock someone up for breaking up a fight.”  (There was no fight)
  3. When back-up arrived, the front officer reached for Garner’s hands, to which the big man replied several times, “Don’t touch me.” The video is rolling. He is now resisting arrest.
  4. The takedown occurred as four officers converge. Garner is brought to the sidewalk, with an officers arm still around the neck/head.  Twenty seconds later, Ramsey Orta again spoke into the camera (check the phraseology),  “Once again, police beatin’ up people.”  Once again? Ten seconds later, Orta said, “All he did was break up a fight. This is crazy.”
  5. Police officers secured the scene as Garner appeared unconscious and 9-11 is called. Orta stopped, changed position again and restarted.
  6.  If powers behind the scenes intended on portraying cops as brutal and racist against an unarmed black male, it could not have gone better.

5 – The Michael Brown situation has its own set of oddities. Consider the following:

  1.  According to the owner of the convenience store, where Michael Brown was seen on camera robbing a box of cigars, there was no history of crime, thefts, shoplifting at the store. It was a safe place, frequented by the locals.
  2. Why cigars? Not food, not cash, not lotto, not beer…just cigars, for 18 year-old Michael. Was the purpose to steal just…anything?
  3. Big Michael brazenly walked in, snatched the cigars and walked out the door after pushing the clerk around. As in the Garner situation, Wilson is committing a petty crime in plain view. The cameras are well-known and Michael’s large description has great clarity. Why would this young man do this, knowing he would likely be caught or identified?
  4. As with Garner, Michael Brown has a witness friend with him, Dorian Johnson, 22, who would later lie to authorities, attempting to demonize the officer. (Hands up, Don’t Shoot was later debunked as a lie) It seemed Dorian had his marching orders and was carrying them out.
  5. As in the Garner case, Michael Brown is a street savvy kid who would know how not to get caught, or how to get caught.
  6. When thieves steal, they normally run and hide. Instead, big Michael and friend walked conspicuously down the center of the street. Why would a 6’5” 300 pound thief draw so much attention to himself? (Unless it was on purpose)
  7. The officer’s initial command was merely telling the kids to stop walking center street and go to the sidewalk. Michael Brown’s needless response (punching the cop and reaching for his gun through the police car window) only heightened the situation to another felony and a violent confrontation with a local cop – for no sane reason…not even for a young delinquent.

      Sure enough, grand juries in both cases did not charge either officer with criminal indictments.  Nevertheless, the two cases are given special attention by the Attorney General of the United States, race baiter, Al Sharpton, and the president himself who weighed on both.

     Mobs formed in Ferguson Missouri as though on cue. Over two-thousand soldiers from the National Guard were called out on stand-by, but not a single soldier was deployed to Ferguson on the night of the Grand Jury announcement, despite the risks of violence. That decision lay solely in the lap of the governor. Riots broke out. Some two dozen businesses were torched to the ground, not to mention a couple of police cars. All this happened under the noses of local cops as they helplessly looked on. The National Guard remained in St. Louis, ordered to do nothing. The sentinels of law abiding citizens were reduced to impotence while decent citizens suffered. Anarchists, looters and arsonists were victorious, thanks to the powers behind the scenes.

     Not a good message.

     I cannot say with absolute clarity that the two incidents were deliberately orchestrated by higher authorities outside the realm of Michael Brown and Eric Garner who were used as pawns in a larger scheme. But that annoying mosaic concept keeps gnawing, how a few tiles give us a color pattern. But when you put all those tiles together, they can form a picture.  I see a lot of those tiles here. The picture is forming.

     If hard evidence ever revealed that persons such as Sharpton or others in government ranks either pulled the strings or aided and abetted these scenarios, I would not be surprised. And neither would I be surprised if they were never held accountable.

      Something stinks in the land of anti-cops.

Click here: Sheriff Clarke ~ Irresponsible Groups Descended on Ferguson MO Like Vultures on a Roadside Carcass – YouTube


Click here: 5 Questions That Remain in the Eric Garner Case






    Dear Chief Bratton,

     Say something, or quit. If you don’t know you’re being used like a puppet in a national movement by anti-American factions with an anti-American agenda, then you should not hold the office you’re in.

     You’re too smart to be fooled. The undercurrent is about much more than a few police brutality cases, valid or invalid. The undercurrent is about anarchy and a turnaround in the democratic process, led by an out-going President, an out-going Attorney General and black radical leaders in the likes of Al Sharpton who not only foments disorder, he has been given a huge platform, aided by a complicit national media base.

     This nationwide movement is no accident, it is obviously well-planned and nonspontaneous. You know, and we know, that this is about social change where the law is undermined by the lawless, and the law enforcers are portrayed as the evil doers, while real evil doers are esteemed and martyrized.

     Complaints about overuse of force by police will always arise as an issue, because police deal with violent people, hardened criminals, anarchists and crazies…all the time. And sometimes, yes, cops will get carried away and if they are wrong, they should be held to account. One million cops in this country handle over one million violent crimes a year, not to mention many more millions of drug crimes, sex crimes, domestic crimes, thievery, traffic, emergencies of all kinds and life-saving events. Physical confrontations are inevitable, particularly when violators resist arrest. From the many calls for police service, a few complaints will be filed and some of them will be valid. That’s life in the crime world….the world in which police officers are immersed daily.

     Police officers must have an above average IQ to pass the entry test. Therefore, they cannot be so stupid as to purposefully target people of color for harassment, false arrests and brutality. Not in today’s world, where cops are under constant scrutiny. Those days are long gone. You know that. Some of these controversial officers may have erred, but if they did, it had nothing – nothing – to do with race. But it’s what your boss, the mayor, wants us to believe, it’s what Sharpton, Holder and Obama want us to believe. It’s what some irresponsible journalists want us to believe.

     You’ve been in law enforcement nearly fifty years, which includes leadership of a half dozen large agencies. I know you don’t believe that Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon, and the others, had anything to do with racism or profiling.  You know that, but you remain mute.

     The hard reality is that black men commit half the murders and other violent crime in America while they only comprise 13 percent of the population. Cops don’t ask to be called to robberies, or domestic violence in progress, or murders and burglaries. But they go. And in today’s world, their peril is not only the criminals who would do them harm, but the watchdogs and sofa critics who want to see them vilified, hated and psychologically disarmed.

     If they are ever successful, it will ultimately bring the downfall of this great country.

     Chief Bratton, I watched you standing behind the new mayor of New York City as he delivered speech after speech, broad brushing police officers as monsters. Why are you lock-step with the race baiters asserting that race discrimination is systemic in police agencies when you KNOW it is not true? How can you stomach that? How can you look yourself in the mirror knowing you are made to appear supportive of this kind of anti-American, anti-police and untrue rhetoric?

     You’ve had a great career, Chief. You’ve accomplished a lot. You are worthy of admiration. Don’t spoil it now by being a part of this charade. You’re too good for that.

     Other police professionals, chiefs and police unions are speaking out. Your voice would carry more weight than any. Come on, Chief, you don’t really need the job. The people need to know what is really happening from behind the scenes. Do the right thing. Tell the truth.

     Signed, Marshall Frank, Captain, retired, Miami-Dade Police Department, 30 years, author.








All this has nothing to do with racism. Nothing!

     Whether the cops acted properly or poorly is another issue, but there is no evidence that racism had anything to do with these incidents.

     Race-baiting leaders are seizing every opportunity to immerse our country into a state of anarchy for political motive, knowing they have the power – with the complicity of media – to agitate the mindless like herds of sheep over cliffs, by following the rhetoric of the very people they claim to abhor: Racists!

     If people would do their homework, they would know, unequivocally, that the death of Eric Garner was not about racism. It certainly was an unnecessary death, brought on by a police officer doing his job. If and when it is determined that he and the police agency are brought into a civil lawsuit, we’ll know more. But the idea that NYPD Officer Daniel Panteleo committed a criminal act and deserves to be imprisoned, is rightfully off the table.

     News bites give us a few seconds of video and edited dialogue in television commentary. Newspapers, as well, are so limited in time and space that details are left out, such as the entire video when Garner was being confronted, arrested and brought down. Anti-police pundits repeatedly tell us that poor Eric Garner was only selling “loosies” (cigarettes) on the sidewalk, a very minor crime, implying he was being picked on because of color.

    What they don’t tell you are these facts:

1 – Cops don’t choose what calls for service to which they respond. It’s their job to handle complaints made by lawful, taxpaying citizens.   

2 – These officers were not on the scene because they felt like it. They had dutifully responded to calls made by outraged store merchants complaining about Garner conducting his illegal business outside their doors. The officers were obligated to be there.

3 – Officers found they were dealing with a belligerent man with a past record of thirty-one arrests and who stands 6’3” and weighs 350 pounds. That’s a big deal.

4 – There was a sergeant/supervisor on the scene (conveniently cut from video clips) who happens to be black.

5 – Because Garner refused to cease and desist, he was subject to lawful arrest.

6 – It is illegal in every jurisdiction in America to resist arrest. When a person resists, it is the officer’s obligation to effect the arrest by any means necessary. Officers cannot simply walk away when someone declines to be arrested.

7 – The video images clearly show that Garner dwarfed the police officers who were unable to grab his hands for handcuffing. Force was needed to arrest. For average-sized cops, that’s usually not a major problem. It is a major problem when dealing with a human mammoth who is already agitated.

8 – The officers had no choice but to use force. Tasers were unavailable. They did not unholster their firearms. (applause everyone) The only option remaining was physical force, hoping no one gets injured.

9 – Daniel Panteleo, a dedicated veteran of eight years, managed the take-down by using a surprise choke hold from behind. Whether he violated police department policy is still up for debate. But he broke no law.

10 – When such unplanned confrontations occur, police officers are not obliged to inquire about someone’s medical background. It’s their job to effect the lawful arrest without injury, if possible. In this case, we later learned that the 43 year-old man had a history of heart problems, diabetes and asthma complicated by obesity.

11  —  Once down, while officers immobilized him for cuffing, he began saying “I can’t breathe.” My police experience suggests that the officers first figured Garner was feigning as a ploy to get released. Cops constantly deal with liars. Apparently, he then stated it eleven times. Somewhere in that interim, Garner was cuffed and Panteleo released the choke hold.  

12 —  Sadly, Garner died. Panteleo had no intent to harm or kill him; his intent was to effect the arrest of a resisting law breaker. Panteleo may be civilly liable, we don’t know yet. We cannot pass judgment without all the facts.

     But people who bite the bait of racism rhetoric don’t care about facts and evidence.

     No police officer goes to work every day wanting to kill someone.  No police officer goes to work every day hoping to violate the rights of people of another race. In this climate where the term “racist” is misused constantly, cops walk on eggshells hoping to come home at the end of the day with their bodies and their careers intact.

     Like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, the Eric Garner tragedy points out how thugs can be portrayed as martyrs by race-baiting propagandists who know how to push the buttons of anarchy, enabled not only by sensational media, but by irresponsible leaders such as the president and the attorney general who stoke the flames of disorder with ax-grinding rhetoric.

     Who loses? Middle Americans, of all races, who did nothing to deserve the losses of property and businesses, especially minorities whose homes and neighborhoods are subjected to chaos and crime. Also lost in the midst, are the true causes of disproportionate crime committed by minorities; family dysfunction, poor role models, welfare dependency, joblessness, moral depravity, absence of values and dismal education standards. Those are the elements where the race baiters should be focusing their attention. It certainly hasn’t improved under the leadership of a minority president.

  I fear there is something bigger and more sinister going on here behind the scenes.

     Here are a couple videos with words of wisdom from a Milwaukee sheriff, who happens to be black, and minces no words about this administration.

 Click here: Sheriff Clarke Blasts De Blasio’s ‘Irresponsible Rhetoric’ | Fox News Insider

 Click here: Sheriff Clarke ~ Irresponsible Groups Descended on Ferguson MO Like Vultures on a Roadside Carcass – YouTube

 Click here: The Entire ‘Racism’ Narrative in the Eric Garner Case is Destroyed By One Fact That Changes Everything | Top Right

     Watch the full video, link below. It’s obvious the merchants and the cops were baited into this situation. The person doing the video was clearly preparing to record the police confrontation in advance.

Click here: Video Of Eric Garner Death In New York Police Custody – Business Insider