Such chants came from protesters in New York City last week.  They got their wish. No one knows how far this will go.

     The mayor of New York City, along with Sharpton and Holder and the president, have ratcheted up the hate meter, instilling anti-police fervor throughout the nation. Mayor DiBlasio, along with Police Commissioner Bratton by his side, appeared at a press conference following the double execution of two officers sitting in their police car, to tell us how terrible it was. 

     Too late, Mr. Mayor.  Some of that blood is on your hands.

     “People need to know that black lives matter,” he said in an offensive one-sided speech at the Police Academy. All his rhetoric has been in support of protesters, as though they are indubitably right and police are inevitably wrong. The cops have been tried and convicted by the reverse racists of America, and in some parts of the media. It didn’t have to come to this. The leaders who were most responsible to ensure peace and justice was maintained, screwed it up royally.  Include in that bunch, the governor of Missouri who made sure the rioters could have a looting and burning party at will in Ferguson when, in truth, viable options were open to him to prevent it.

     Fact:  The deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown had nothing to do with racial profiling. Sorry, that doesn’t fit within the agenda of reverse-racists of America. The Sharpton-led protesting has been manufactured over invalid assumptions, much like the bogus rape charge by Tawana Brawley in 1987, which should have rendered Sharpton’s credibility defunct from the start.

     The head of the NYPD union, Patrick Lynch, publically declared that the New York mayor has thrown cops under the bus. He’s right.

     There are over 35,000 police officers in New York City. Their poor morale is bound to affect job performance. Many cops will think twice from here on, knowing they have enemies in city hall, state capitols and in Washington. Look for reactionary policing, not proactive policing in the future. That won’t spell good news for innocent citizens relying on cops to keep the lid on crime rates. White officers will be hesitating in arrest situations, worried about castigation and false charges of racism, just because the perpetrators happen to be black. Such hesitation could make the difference between life and death.

     I’ve been connected to the law enforcement profession for 54 years. I have never seen a divide like this between government administrators and the cops.  When DiBlasio appeared before cameras to extend condolences for the two officers ambushed in Brooklyn, the room full of police officers stood up, and in unison, turned their backs on the mayor.  That’s unprecedented.

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      A week before the assassination of Officers Ramos and Liu, two NYPD lieutenants were attacked and beaten by a group of blacks on the Brooklyn Bridge…for no reason, other than they were police officers.

Click here: Two NYPD Officers Beaten Near End of Peaceful March – WSJ

      There are many more nutballs out there, inspired by hate stories of racist cops, when in fact, they were not true to begin with. The media has responsibility in these matters as well, but it’s the government incompetents with a special agenda who set the blaze afire with their hateful pomposity.

     The anti-police rhetoric of so-called leaders like Sharpton, Holder, DiBlasio and the president have invigorated the avengers and emboldened thugs who are playing out the terror. The words of Holder, Sharpton and DiBlasio are just as dangerous as a thug with a gun.

      You see where this is going, folks.  And it’s not good. There will likely be more.

     Leadership begins at the top. The despicable Al Sharpton is a regular guest in the White House, having been logged in more than 60 times in Obama’s reign. Why does our president award an anarchist like Al Sharpton a welcome mat?  Why does Barack Obama, an American president, lend an ear to the hate vitriol of Al Sharpton? 

     Those who would bring down our wonderful country join in with the hate America campaign.  Hate organizations and protesters given legitimacy, even support, by our cabal of anti-American leaders, are identified in this piece, linked here:  

Click here: Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, Unionistas Protest Over Ferguson | 

     What can be done? 

     DiBlasio:  Resign from office

     Sharpton:  Should be charged with inciting riots

     Eric Holder:  Should be held accountable for a myriad of offenses, including lying under oath to congress.

     Governor Nixon of Missouri: Should be held accountable for failing to deploy National Guard soldiers the night of the Ferguson riots.

     President Obama:  Flip-Flop, and censure Al Sharpton and Eric Holder, and all race-baiters for igniting this entire fiasco. 

     NYPD Police Commissioner Bratton:  Do the right thing – Step forward and publically denounce the mayor’s stance against police officers, and publically declare that NYPD officers did not racially profile in the Eric Garner case. His words would carry more weight than any public official in the country.

     I know. Don’t hold your breath.

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